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NFL 2024 Rookie Scouting Report: Sincere Haynesworth, Center, Tulane

Undrafted Signee by New Orleans Saints


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 310

Arm Length: N/A 


40-Yard Dash: N/A

10-Yard Split: N/A

3-Cone: N/A

20-Yard Shuttle: N/A

Vertical: N/A

Broad Jump: N/A

Bench Press: N/A



  • Understands the importance of body positioning and angles when blocking.
  • Moves well in space getting to the second level and downfield on screens.
  • Explodes off the ball.
  • Keeps his eyes active to look for oncoming rushers.


  • Undersized height-wise for an NFL center.
  • Needs to have better timing and accuracy in throwing his punch.
  • Has difficulty latching on after he throws his punch.
  • Doesn’t have the upper-body strength or leg drive to win consistently. 
  • Footwork needs improvement.
  • Gets too high too quickly in pass protection.


  • First-team All-AAC in 2022 and 2023.
  • All-AAC honorable mention in 2020 and 2021.
  • Rated a 3-star prospect out of high school by 247Sports and Rivals.



With Tulane’s quick ascent to college football prominence, several players can be attributed to their success. Tyjae Spears, Clayton Tune, and Sincere Haynesworth are a few players who are among those players. He may not play in a Power 5 conference like other prospects, but his resume insists maybe he should have. 

First-team All-AAC the past few years, Sincere Haynesworth has been a force to be reckoned with within his conference. Below the average height for an NFL center, Haynesworth uses this to his advantage as he greatly understands the importance of body positioning and utilizing correct angles when blocking. Even more, Haynesworth explodes off the ball to which he moves very well when operating in space, especially when moving to the second level and working downfield on screens. Lastly, Haynesworth does a good job keeping his eyes active to search for oncoming rushers as seen by how he identifies and picks up stunts and delayed blitzes. 

However, there’s also a lot Haynesworth does that he needs to improve upon. While he can’t improve his height, he can work on his punch timing and accuracy as he’s susceptible to counters and has difficulty latching on to rushers. More so, Haynesworth doesn’t have the strength, leg drive, or footwork to win consistently against top-notch college competition. Rather, because of this, in combination with his high pad level, he relies too much on his leverage and a defender’s momentum to wash rushers down. 

Despite Haynesworth’s inefficiencies, there’s still the possibility he gets drafted. He has a solid resume within the AAC but is still regarded as a Day 3 pick at most. A good pre-draft process could boost his stock, but there’s no telling how much it will if it does at all. 


My Two Cents

Flat out, I expected more from Haynesworth. Having a recognizable AAC reputation, I expected the Tulane product to play a stronger and more consistent game. While some may think he could be a Day 3 selection, I’m not one of those believers. In my opinion, a team would even be better off spending their UDFA money elsewhere. 

Signed by the New Orleans Saints as a UDFA

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