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NL East Review and Preview: The Miami Marlins

Jorge Soler watches a fly ball during a home game for the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins made a surprising run to the postseason in 2023, but it is hard to imagine that happening again.

In the unpredictable dance of the 2023 baseball season, the Miami Marlins (84-78) navigated a compelling journey, concluding with a respectable record. The Marlins, often viewed as underdogs, defied expectations, overperforming to secure a spot in the postseason conversation.

However, a Wild Card round exit against the Philadelphia Phillies tempered their accomplishments. The 84-78 record, a blend of triumphs and challenges, left an indelible mark on the Marlins’ season, prompting reflection on a journey that captivated fans and underscored the unpredictable nature of America’s favorite pastime.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Marlins struggled throughout the preseason as they limped to a league-worst 7-16 record in Spring Training. Miami looked poised for a disappointing year based on exhibition performance, but they ended up shocking the baseball world in over performing against everyone but Atlanta.

The Marlins split a pair of games in March to finish 1-1 out of the gate against the New York Mets.

April: A Promising Start (15-12)

In April, the Miami Marlins embarked on a promising journey, finishing the month with a 15-12 record. Key players like OF Jorge Soler showcased early-season form, instilling hope for a competitive campaign. Despite inevitable challenges, the Marlins navigated the initial hurdles with a resilient spirit.

May: Navigating Challenges (13-14)

May brought challenges, as the Marlins faced formidable opponents and encountered injuries, resulting in a 13-14 record. Despite finishing below .500, standout performances from 2B Luis Arraez hinted at the team’s ability to weather storms and maintain a competitive edge.

June: A Turning Point (19-8)

June emerged as a turning point for the Marlins, concluding with an outstanding 19-8 record. The team hit its stride, blending offensive prowess with effective pitching. June became a standout chapter, solidifying the Marlins as serious contenders in the National League. Almost halfway through the year, Arraez was hitting over .400.

Fight to the Finish Line

July: Evaluations and Setbacks (9-15)

July prompted strategic evaluations as the Marlins faced a challenging 9-15 record. Formidable opponents and internal struggles led to setbacks, necessitating a reassessment of their approach as the trade deadline loomed.

August: Battling Through (10-17)

August proved challenging, concluding with a 10-17 record. The Marlins faced formidable opponents, and internal struggles compounded the difficulties. Despite setbacks, the team maintained a competitive spirit, using the month as a period of reflection and adjustment.

September: Finishing Strong (17-10)

In September, the Marlins finished the regular season with authority, posting a 17-10 record. Showcasing resilience, they secured key victories, solidifying their standing despite falling short in postseason competition. The strong finish in September left fans with a mix of pride and anticipation for the team’s future in the unpredictable realm of baseball.

As the 2023 Miami Marlins reflect on their journey, the season unfolded as a tale of highs and lows, from a promising start in April to midseason challenges in May. June marked brilliance, setting the stage for strategic evaluations in July. August posed challenges, but the Marlins finished the regular season with a strong September, leaving fans with a mix of emotions and eager anticipation for the seasons to come.


The Marlins surpassed the expectations of everyone but themselves in 2023. Miami quietly earned 84 wins in a division with the mighty Atlanta Braves and reigning NL Pennant-winning Philadelphia Phillies. The Marlins feasted on wins outside divisional play, sneaking into the Wild Card in the final week of the regular season.

While impressed with the performance of Miami in 2023, I see the team taking a step back next season, just like it did in 2021 after making the postseason in the COVID-19-shortened pandemic year.

The future remains bright in Miami, but a combination of luck and good fortunate propelled the Marlins to the postseason this year. Baseball analytics and sporting logic suggest those factors to change in another 162-game season with the same roster.

Miami is a good ball club, but a brief stint in the wild card does not overcome the fact this team is still a few years away from being an annual contender.

I think the Marlins fall off a bit, although I still believe in their long-term trajectory. The Mets should surpass Miami if they can get their act together, as they are simply a better baseball team based on talent and potential.

Asking Miami to surpass Atlanta and Philadelphia remains too tall a task, at least for the time being. Let’s flip their record for next year.

Prediction: Miami Marlins (78-84) miss playoffs

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