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NL East Review and Preview: The New York Mets

Max Scherzer pitches for the New York Mets during a Spring Training game.

The Mets played much worse than they expected in 2023, and now they are resetting their roster for a transition year.

The 2023 season unfolded with the bitter taste of failure for the New York Mets (75-87), marked by a stark fall from the successes of the previous year. Finishing with a lackluster record, the Mets found themselves on the outside looking in, missing the playoffs and failing to meet the lofty expectations set in the prior season.

Injuries plagued the team throughout the year, disrupting player contributions and hindering any consistent momentum. Amidst the frustrations, owner Steve Cohen’s significant financial investments appeared to be a giant waste, raising eyebrows about the allocation of resources and the team’s overall strategy.

As the dust settled on the 2023 campaign, the Mets faced not only the tangible sting of a subpar record but also lingering questions about their direction and the challenges of turning disappointment into future success.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Mets compiled a 10-14 record in Spring Training after a stunning fall from grace at the end of 2022 that saw a division title slip away. New York split a pair of games in March with the Miami Marlins to finish 1-1 on the month.

April: A Promising Start (14-11)

The 2023 New York Mets embarked on their journey with a promising start in April, finishing the month with a 14-11 record. Fans felt a glimmer of hope as the team showcased early-season potential, hinting at the possibilities that lay ahead.

May: Stumbling Steps (14-15)

May brought stumbling steps for the Mets, as they finished with a 14-15 record. Disappointment crept in among fans as the team failed to sustain the positive momentum from April. Lingering questions surfaced about the massive offseason investments such as SP Max Scherzer and whether they would yield the anticipated returns.

June: Midseason Meltdown (7-19)

June proved to be a midseason meltdown for the Mets, concluding with a disappointing 7-19 record. The team faltered, and frustration mounted among fans as the Mets fell further from contention. The disappointment deepened, casting shadows over the lofty preseason aspirations.

Reevaluation Time

July: Sparks of Hope (14-9)

July brought sparks of hope as the Mets finished with a 14-9 record. Despite the midseason struggles, the team showcased moments of resilience, providing a brief reprieve for fans hungry for success. However, the disappointment lingered, fueled by the inconsistency that characterized the season.

August: Fading Hopes (11-18)

In August, hopes faded as the Mets concluded the month with an 11-18 record. The disappointment among fans intensified, with the team unable to mount a substantial turnaround. Questions about the massive offseason spending loomed larger, and the disconnect between expectations and reality deepened.

September: Late-Season Optimism (14-13)

September saw a late season fight from the Mets, finishing with a 14-13 record. The team displayed glimpses of potential, but the disappointment still hung heavy as playoff aspirations were long lost from the summer months. Fans grappled with the realization that the massive financial investments had not translated into the success they had envisioned.

The 2023 Mets season, marred by disappointment, became a narrative of unmet expectations and missed opportunities. The significant offseason spending left fans anticipating a contending team, but the reality fell short. Midseason trades of star pitchers Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer to contending American League teams added another layer of frustration, leaving fans to question the team’s direction and the decisions made to punt on the season and future direction of the team.

The disappointment among fans was palpable, echoing the sentiments of a season that deviated drastically from the envisioned success story. As the dust settled on the 2023 campaign, the Mets faced not only the tangible sting of a subpar record but also the intangible challenge of rebuilding shattered expectations and rekindling hope for a brighter future.


Hopes of a repeat success story from the 2022 regular season quickly dwindled by the All-Star break in July. As reality set in that this year’s Mets team would not reach the postseason, the front office made moves to waive the white flag on a failed year.

Luckily for New York, owner Steve Cohen has shown willingness to spend, regardless of outcome. With deep pockets, the Mets are in position to avoid a lengthy rebuild, although changes must be made to turn the team into an annual contender.

At the end of the day, depth is a major issue for New York, as seen this season on the field. The big names can be signed to lucrative contracts, but there must be front office cohesion for long-term success.

It appears as though the stunning collapse of the 101-win 2022 team continued to haunt this Mets team, which never found its rhythm. From the moment 1B Pete Alonso chirped at the Braves dugout in Truist Park, the season spiraled out of control.

Going forward, I see a path for New York to get back to the postseason, just not in 2024. Continue making smart and strategic hires in the front office, develop young talent and trust in Cohen’s long-term vision.

New York should get a championship with Cohen’s leadership, but the stain of ‘Mets gonna Met’ continues to haunt both the franchise and the fanbase.

Keep the faith, loyal Mets fans, brighter days should be ahead in the near future. It appears as though Cohen is learning as he goes.

New York will not overtake Atlanta or Philadelphia overnight, but it can be done. As for 2024, focus on finishing ahead of Miami and taking care of business against Washington.

The future is still bright, I promise.

Prediction: New York Mets (85-77)

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