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Picking Fights & Playtime

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Picking Fights & Playtime

This past episode of Hard Knocks was interesting to say the least as it was fairly relaxing between quarterback Aaron Rodgers cracking jokes, mentalist Oz Pearlman making an appearance, and the rookies putting on a show. However, there were also a few fights and scuffles during team practice.

Welcome To The Show

The New York Jets were gathered by a special guest in mentalist Pearlman. He started out working with running back Michael Carter, where he correctly guessed what number Carter would wear. The catch was it had to be a number he has never worn. However, Pearlman was still able to guess #10 correctly.

He also brought up wide receiver Mecole Hardman to finish a puzzle of the team’s logo. Then he reveals the Jets will win the Super Bowl this season against the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-21.

However, his best bit was a card and animal book trick between safeties coach Marquand Manuel and Rodgers. Manuel had the animal predicted of a goldfish after looking through the book. Rodgers had his card guessed and then when Pearlman picked the card out of Rodgers’ hand, he replaced it with a goldfish.

Jets Royal Rumble

Practice was flowing smoothly until out of nowhere multiple scuffles started to break out for a few players eventually leading to fights. Some of the players involved were Wes Schweitzer, Jermaine Johnson, Al Woods, Allen Lazard, Solomon Thomas, Al Woods, Quinnen Williams, Justin Hardee and Micheal Clemens.

Lazard was seen holding back Thomas. Hardee and Clemens were each in their own fights with Clemens swinging at someone with a helmet on. After seeing Clemens, a few players mentioned they are not picking fights with him anytime soon and they would rather be on his side.

Mekhi Becton Finally Looking Healthy

Mekhi Becton looks to be in the best shape of his life after losing over 50 pounds now weighing at 342 pounds. One practice rep, Becton made solid blocks before pushing the rusher down to the ground in the pile.

Future Comedian Quinnen Williams

When he is done being an elite player in the NFL, Quinnen Williams may have a future in comedy. His rookie season he sneezed during an interview and blessed and thanked himself. On the field, Williams was by himself mic’d up and was talking about how he loves Optimus Prime and is a big fan of Transformers. He was also given the nickname “Que Ball” by his teammates.

Aaron Fakeout Rodgers

Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game, especially when it comes to tricking defenses with his RPO ball fakes and handoffs. He is so good, he was even able to trick his teammates. Quarterbacks Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle were asked to guess whether the play was a run or a pass after seeing the play on film. Wilson had most of them correct and Boyle failed to get one correct.

Rodgers In-Game Hobby

Since his time with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers developed a new in-game hobby where he would pick up grass. Picking up the grass off the ground helped him in two ways. The grass helped him tell were the wind was blowing which affected his throws. Also, he was able to get a better grip on the ball after rubbing his hands with grass.

Will McDonald’s Unique Style

Will McDonald the rookie edge rusher and first-round pick has a very unique style. For starters, his hair is dyed green for the Jets. Also, he already has a nose ring and then he went to get his earrings, eyebrow, and nose pierced. On and off the field, McDonald’s style is unmatched.

Veteran Teaching The Rookie

During both the joint team practice and after the preseason game between the Jets and the Carolina Panthers, Rodgers was giving advice to the #1 overall pick and rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

Quinnen Williams Cannot Be Blocked

On the other side of the football during the team scrimmage, Williams was a menace and could not be blocked. He was counting how many sacks he had and it was double-digits. He mentioned that he wants to get five sacks in one game this season.

Reunite With Another Old Friend

Due to Rodgers being 39 years old, he knows and has worked with a lot of people in the league. One of them being Panthers offensive line coach James Campen. They were both in Green Bay together for a little bit. Rodgers snuck on him during the reunion and had some insults but all out of love.

Frustrated Robert Saleh Gives It To The Team Straight

Head coach Robert Saleh was disappointed with the offensive line after the joint practice. Saleh even mentioned you can have a hall-of-fame quarterback, a great running back room, and two wide receivers making over ten million dollars. However, that will not matter if the offensive line cannot protect the quarterback and block for the running backs. The offensive line took that message to heart and dominated the Panthers 27-0 which was the largest preseason shutout in Jets history.

Awful Rookie Show

In the team hotel, the Jets rookies performed a show which started out as the rookies were decked out in a solid color and would dance. The show was awful as the veterans of the team were booing and throwing paper balls at them. In addition to the awful dance routine, they did a kahoot which was 18 questions long. Veteran linebacker C.J. Mosley was disappointed and said the rookies better do a better one next week.

Confident Zach Wilson

Wilson after being downgraded to backup quarterback and learning from his childhood hero in Rodgers, looks a lot more confident. He had a big smile on his face at all times and was making the throws he failed to make earlier in his career.

Israel Abanikanada Potential Steal?

Despite a crowded running back room with recently signed Dalvin Cook, Breece Hall, and Carter, Israel Abanikanda is looking like a potential steal after being selected in the fifth round. In the preseason win against the Panthers, he was used both as a runner and a receiver. He made some plays including a big run for a touchdown. His role is still to be determined, but he should be utilized in their offense whether it is this upcoming season and/or in the future.

McDonald Is Going To Be Good

McDonald looks like he is going to be another solid rookie from the Jets draft class. In the preseason game, he showed off his high IQ and great athleticism. That high IQ and athleticism will help him tremendously as a pass-rusher.

Jets love Leslie Nielsen

During the quarterbacks meeting, the Jets were showing a slideshow of Leslie Nielsen and how they love his movies and even played a few clips. They quote some of his lines a lot and even some of the players love him and his movies. Some of his notable movies are Spy Hard, Naked Gun, and Airplane!

Episode One Recap

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Stay Tuned for Episode 3

Episode 3 of Hard Knocks will be out on Tuesday at 10 pm only on Max.


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