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Quentin Grimes Stepping Up

Nell Redmond / AP Photo

Improvement In Role

New York Knicks shooting guard Quentin Grimes has stepped up which has led to the Knicks seven game win streak. Grimes has been starting and playing anywhere from 28 to 40 minutes a game ever since the Knicks switched to a nine man rotation. In his rookie season, the former Houston Cougar only averaged 17.5 minutes per game but now is averaging 24.7 minutes a game.

Perfect Complimentary to Jalen Brunson

Grimes and Jalen Brunson are a perfect guard duo with contrasting play styles and feed off of each other. Brunson is more of a ball-dominant point guard who is not afraid to cut the basket and score in the paint. On the other hand, Grimes is more of a catch-and-shoot player who is a solid three-point shooter and excels on the defensive end.

Scoring During Win Streak

The Texas product is only averaging 8.1 points per game this season. However, during the win streak, he has scored double-digits four of seven games.

Becoming a Foe in Chicago

Grimes had fourteen points, five rebounds, two assists, two clutch three-pointers and locked down DeMar DeRozan late in his first game against the Chicago Bulls. The second-year pro shot an impressive 57% from beyond the arc. The Woodlands native tallied twenty-two points, two rebounds and two assists while shooting six of ten from the field and five of nine from three-point land in the second game of a back-to-back against the Bulls.

Impact In Win Streak

If Grimes had not stepped up, there is no guarantee the Knicks win streak would have ever happened or made it to seven games. Grimes’s new role has helped as RJ Barrett has been extremely inconsistent this season on poor shooting splits. Barrett is shooting a career low 30.1% from three.

Defensive Impact

Grimes has recorded a steal and swatted at least one shot in five of seven games during the Knicks current winning streak. This should be no surprise considering Grimes was scouted out of college having a translatable defensive skillset, spending time at both the University of Kansas and University of Houston.

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