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Hey there, sports fanatics! Back Sports Page is on the lookout for Writing Interns ready to turn our sporting action into super cool stories. We don’t just talk about the big game – we dive deep into the amazing tales happening off the field.

What’s the deal? We need you to help turn our behind-the-scenes scoops into gripping reads across our platforms.

Your gig:

🚀 Turn our sports lowdown into totally engaging articles for our site and social media channels.

🎯 Cook up and post daily content across all kinds of sports.

This means:

Penning articles that’ll have our readers hooked

Sparking debates with your hot takes

Highlighting epic game moments that’ll make jaws drop

Sharing insane stats that make readers go, “Wait, what?!”

Throwing in some funnies to keep the mood light

🔎 And hey, we’ll need you to work out ways to get more eyes on your work and get our readers buzzing.

What’s more, you’ll get a chance to interview pro sports players. How awesome is that?

So, are you stoked about improving your writing game, learning from folks in the industry, and playing a major part in boosting our editorial presence?

Join our crew and be ready to take Back Sports Page’s storytelling game to a whole new level! You’ll pick up heaps of experience, work on real stories, and learn all the ins and outs, while building up your writing portfolio.

👉 Sounds like a sweet gig, right? So if you’re mad about sports, love to write and fancy yourself as a bit of a storyteller, we reckon this is just the thing for you. Back Sports Page is all about bringing you sports in a way that goes way beyond the game. Are you ready to help us get this show on the road?

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And remember, Back Sports Page is an equal opportunity employer. We love diversity and are all about creating an inclusive vibe for all our interns.

To apply please email your resume and two samples to

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