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Rob Saleh Cost the Jets


Head Coaching Career

Robert Salah was named the head coach of the New York Jets January 19, 2021. In his first season as a head coach he finished 4-13 with one of the youngest rosters in the league. His current record with the Jets is 11-20 although there are three games left in the season.

Where did Coaching Career Start?

Before making it to the NFL, Saleh spent two years with the Michigan State Spartans starting in 2002 and then the Central Michigan Chippewas as an assistant coach. He then made it to the NFL in 2005 with the Houston Texans as a defensive assistant coach. He also coached the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers in 2017. In his 18 years of coaching, his career record is 121-166 and with a playoff record of 6-2 including a Super Bowl appearance.

Making History

When hired by the Jets, Saleh became the first Muslim American head coach in the NFL.

Saleh Cost the Jets

The Jets were down three late in the fourth quarter and they were driving down the field. After a 22-yard pass to Garrett Wilson with 1:22 left when the ball was snapped on that play. The Jets did not call a timeout and had 58 seconds remaining after an incompletion. A timeout there would have saved the Jets about 15 seconds on the clock. Saleh refuses to use another timeout after a ten yard pass to Wilson again with 48 seconds left. The Jets had three timeouts left and from not using them, they essentially lost 39 seconds of playtime.


Mistakes Cost Jets

Saleh cost the Jets by not using his timeouts not only wasted time on the clock, but did not give them enough time to make the field goal closer. Kicker Greg Zuerlein missed a 58-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. With the loss, now sitting at 7-7, it will be more difficult for the Jets to make the playoffs.

Cannot Make Rookie Coach Mistakes

Saleh is in his second year as a head coach for the Jets and has been coaching for 18 years. He simply cannot make simple mistakes and know when it is a good opportunity to call timeouts. For example, rookie head coach for the Los Angeles Chargers Brandon Staley cost the Chargers the game and a trip to the playoffs by not calling his timeouts last season against the Las Vegas Raiders.

At Least He Took Blame

Saleh at least demonstrated his leadership and blamed himself for the loss and rightfully so. Most coaches today, will dodge those questions and not blame themselves and some even blame other people. Backup quarterback Zach Wilson despite having an interception and a mere 51% completion percentage did not look awful as he had 317 passing yards and two touchdowns.

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