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Guardians? Juan Soto?

One of the teams in the Juan Soto Trade Deadline Sweepstakes is the Cleveland Guardians. At least, that’s what rumors are swirling around about.

But what’s his true value to a team? Well, he recently said no to a 15-year contract worth $440 million to stay in Washington. As our buddy Ben Schneider mentions here, the value he wants could be north of half a billion bucks. Yes, it would be nice to complement another star in Soto with someone like Jose Ramirez. But just think of what the Guardians would have to give up.

What Would the Guardians Have to Give Up for Soto?

The Columbus Dispatch mentions here that the Guardians have one of the top farm systems in the MLB. That said, however, Soto would only be around until 2024, and it may not be worth the risk. Yes, I get that teams are displaying more of a win-now mentality. But the Dispatch article shows that giving up prospects to only have a guy for two and a half seasons shouldn’t be worth going for.

Another thing to note, the Guardians aren’t the only team interested in the Nationals superstar. The Yankees, Padres, and Cardinals also have links to Soto.

With a big payday ahead, Juan Soto looks to be a top prize for any trader at this year’s MLB deadline. Should the Guardians be the ones to pull the trigger? In the long and short of it, the answer is a big fat no.

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