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The AdventHealth Training Center Marks a New Era for the Orlando Magic

The AdventHealth Training Center received the final steel beam this week, commencing the next era of health and wellness for all of Orlando.

AdventHealth and the Orlando Magic continue their long relationship together with a momentous achievement. After 30+ years of partnership, the Orlando Magic and AdventHealth announced their plans to build a brand new, $70 million dollar training facility in the heart of downtown Orlando. Located a block from both the Amway Center and the Exploria Stadium, this state-of-the-art center is set to open in the spring of 2022.

However, this week marked an incredible moment for AdventHealth, the Orlando Magic, and the entire Orlando community. The AdventHealth Training Center received its final steel beam on Wednesday. The Orlando Magic’s CEO, President of Basketball Operations, new Head Coach, and star player, Jonathan Isaac, were accompanied by AdventHealth’s regional CEO/President to speak on this triumph as well as the future of Orlando health and wellness.

The AdventHealth Training Center Benefits All of Orlando

The 130,000 square-foot center will be the Magic’s home for practice and training but will be available for all athletes of all ages and levels of competition. This futuristic facility will set the new standard of care for athletic health, both physically and mentally. The care and attention the Magic and AdventHealth are providing to the Orlando community are unprecedented and above-and-beyond the region’s guidelines.

The two teamed up to provide $17 million dollars of design and construction contracts to minority and women-owned businesses. A total of 33 locally owned businesses of this category will be employed for the building of the AdventHealth Training Center. Moreover, the $17 million dollars in contracts account for 32% of the awarded opportunities. This well eclipses the city’s recommended 24% and goes to show the long-term commitment these two corporations have towards enhancing their community’s minority and women-owned enterprises.

AdventHealth is the Orlando Magic’s “Champion of the Community” partner because of their consistent care for everyone in the central Florida area. Seeing these organizations come together for the betterment of a community, rather than for their own personal gain, is something the Orlando Magic, AdventHealth, and Jonathan Isaac are proud of. “I feel blessed to be a part of the project. I know this facility means much more than just basketball, it’s for the community.” – Jonathan Isaac

What The AdventHealth Training Center Brings and Means for the Orlando Magic

After such a difficult season in Orlando, the Magic and AdventHealth hope this building will quickly move the next era of Magic basketball forward. With so much new in the area, Jonathan Isaac expressed his excitement for the future, despite so much uncertainty. “A new coaching change and having a lot of top guys on our team be traded, it is a new era, it is a time for us to develop a new culture and new identity for our team… I am happy that we have the opportunity as young guys to come together and to kind of write our own rules for our team.” A blank slate might just be what the doctor ordered for the Orlando Magic. 

The AdventHealth Training Center hosts several valuable amenities that will greatly enhance the proper treatment and recovery of athletes. The center includes: two practice basketball courts, expanded strength and conditioning facilities, aquatic spaces for physical therapy and hydrotherapy, sports science and nutrition facilities, as well as cutting-edge audio-video and imaging technology. 

By constructing a building of this stature, the Orlando Magic firmly believes it can and will improve player relationships with ownership. The Magic’s owners, the DeVos family, have been proudly serving their community for decades. This practice center shows current Magic players, as well as prospective free agents the large investment they are willing to make for the franchise. A commitment towards health and wellness shows the community and team their intent on building both a championship team and city.

The Newest Era of Orlando Magic Basketball

As mentioned before, the Magic endured a trying season, but Jonathan Isaac expects this year to be a season of growth. “I know that championships don’t come overnight, but if we can set our goals there, set our sights there, and be honest and realistic about what it takes to get there, then we’ll get there.” It will take a lot of overtime to carry Orlando’s young core back into the playoff picture, but Jamahl Mosley is committed to doing so. 

“What I love about him [Mosley] so far is his energy. He’s been on the court working out with me, working out with Mo [Bamba] and these other guys. To have a coach come right in and get his hands dirty and want to be in workouts… speaks to his character, his energy level, and speaks to his enthusiasm about the opportunity.” 

Jamahl Mosley has been around the NBA for over a decade now. Throughout that time, he has displayed an intense interest in bringing out the best of his players on and off the court. Additionally, Mosley’s involvement with community events ties directly in with the Orlando Magic’s and AdventHealth’s core values.

Jonathan Isaac and Coach Mosley have not had a ton of history together, but their first encounter took place overseas. “When I was in Latvia for BWB [Basketball Without Borders), I got the chance to sit with him, talk with him.”

The Orlando Magic holds community service as a key principle amongst its players, coaches, and staff. Selecting Jamahl Mosley as their next franchise leader appears to only further emphasize this. The new voice and leadership from Coach Mosley, as well as the brand-new AdventHealth Training Center and the return of their defensive stud Jonathan Isaac, marks a turning point in the upward direction for this Orlando Magic franchise.

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