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The Dolphins and The Injury List; a Sad Tale

While looking at who the Dolphins have listed as “injured reserve” and “questionable” you may feel like you are reading a sad and woeful tale. Yet there isn’t an article I’m ever going to write that’s going to be anything but supportive of the Miami Dolphins. I was raised in Seattle so once you’re my team I love for life. No matter if I have to cry a little now and again, it is what it is.



The Injury List

Now, I have to admit Miami made my eyes water a few times during practice and pre season. I am genuinely so excited for football season to begin. I needed to get that out of the way first (see my completely positive chargers dolphins prediction article). But there is something a cloud on my sunshining day, and it’s that long injury list and amount of key players marked “questionable”. 

“Questionable”; So Many Reason Why

Miami must really want us to study that depth chart because Wilkins, Armstead, Waddle, Achane, Campbell and 6 more players are questionable to play. Do we laugh or cry?

Completely out for now are Jalen Ramsey, Needham, Crossen, and Saubert. That’s a lot of players “not feeling their best” before the season even begins. You can add to your concern that Mike White was put on concussion protocol after the Houston Texans preseason game Aug.19th. Should we be pinning our hopes to Skylar Thompson already?

Image – Palm Beach Post

The Injuries

Apart from White, who has since been cleared, and Christian Wilkins who is “questionable” for the Chargers game because of a contract dispute, most of these injuries are to the lower body. To be fair, many “questionable” players are there for undisclosed reasons. There is one head injury, an abdomen and shoulder injury. But by far, knee, leg and ankle injuries dominate this list, and most football injury lists.

Raheem Mostert has dealt with knee injury. Image – Dolphin Nation

Getting Injured in Pro Football

Major injuries to the knee and ankle are by far the most common in the NFL, followed by “minor injuries” of muscle sprains and strains to the groin, thigh, hamstring, and “hip pointers”. Head injuries are the most traumatic injury for the athletes in terms of long term health and quality of life. Shoulder injuries are the most common of the upper body injuries, especially to linemen, which make sense. 

De’von Achane suffers shoulder injury in pre season game. Image – On3


Of course traumatic force is possible to any area of the body. Apart from tackles, players collide at full speed, fall over and into each other, and trip into the sidelines during the course of any given game. The more hours they play the more at risk they are of injury. Injuries are also more likely to happen in games than in practice. So why are so many players still getting hurt in practice and pre season games? (Silent scream!!!!!)

Stay Positive

Like I said before, it’s always going to be a glass half full with me and the Dolphins. We just have to wait and see on Sept. 10th who ends up on the field. Meanwhile we wish all players health, healing, and quick return to play.



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