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Tom Aspinall Sparks Controversy, Calls for Stripping Jon Jones’ Title

Tom Aspinall has recently secured the interim title earlier this month and sparks followed. He has now seen himself in some controversy surrounding the UFC heavyweight division. He is calling on social media to strip UFC star Jon Jones’ heavyweight title.

Tom Aspinall wins interim title. Image – Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Jones had to cancel his fight with Stipe Miocic to hold his title due to a pec injury. The UFC has been speculating a mid-2024 return for Jones against Miocic. However, both fighters have retirement rumors glooming around them.

Jones v Miocic, image – ESPN

Fans have criticized and blasted Aspinall on social media for demanding a fight against Jones. They think that instead, he should take on someone else from the heavyweight division and defend his title. He has continued to stand by his own opinion on the matter. Jones says he is not fully satisfied with what he has done in his UFC career to date. UFC President Dana White has also confirmed that Miocic is the next in line for a shot at undisputed champion. White Jones dismissing Aspinall’s bold request on social media, he continues on in his pursuit of greatness. Many UFC fans still see him as a huge contender.

A matchup between Aspinall and Jones, they could shake up the octagon. Aspinall’s has proven his endurance and ability to take punches throughout his career. Statistically, he tends to throw more punches than Jones which poses both risk and reward. He has grappling skill even with the best in the heavyweight division.  He shows he has a versatile skill set with good head movements and strong strikes. Despite a six-inch reach disadvantage, the six-year age gap between the two could give Aspinall better chances than one may think. While a fight between Jones and Miocic could be more intriguing when taking the ages of the two and the popularity of the fight, Aspinall might be a more difficult opponent for Jones.

It’s not wrong to question whether Aspinall has proven himself enough to fight against a long time champion like Jones. But Aspinall’s fight history does paint a scary picture for Jones. He is proving himself as a well rounded fighter.

While this matchup is not on the radar as of right now, Aspinall calling out Jones does pose two interesting questions. Should Jones be stripped of his title since he hasn’t defended it in so long? And could Aspinall be a challenging opponent for Jones?



Tom Aspinall, image – MMA Weekly

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