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What is the Best Madden Game?

With the release of Electronic Arts’ Madden 24, our writers compiled their thought on the best Madden game to ever release. Hardly any of us agreed, which makes things all the more interesting.

What is the best Madden game?

Brian Ramos: Madden 25

Even though there are a ton of Madden’s that I loved, my favorite Madden has to be Madden 25. It was the last Madden I had on my Xbox 360 as I got the Playstation 4 the next year. Also, 25 is special to me because I got to play it a lot with my brother and we combined Ultimate Team’s and had one of the best teams in the game. We won many MUT Super Bowls. 25 has to be my favorite Madden due to the amount of time I put into it, how much fun it was, and more importantly I got to enjoy it and spend quality time with my brother.

Nate Powalie: Madden 18

My favorite throwback Madden game to play is Madden NFL 18. This game was the first in the franchise to use the Frostbite engine, which gave people better visuals of players and more realistic graphics. 18 also introduced the Longshot mode, which gives players a chance to play out careers of high-school best friends turned NFL hopefuls Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. That, along with the refreshed graphics and little extra details, provided me with plenty of enjoyment. That’s why Madden 18 sticks out to me the most.

Jake Piccuito: Madden 20

In my personal view, Madden 20 stands out as the pinnacle of the game series. This iteration managed to blend an array of nostalgic moments with remarkable strides in graphics and gameplay enhancements. The introduction of the Superstar X-Factor abilities introduced an unparalleled layer of excitement to the Ultimate Team experience. As someone who invested a significant amount of time in the Ultimate Team mode, I found its unique mechanics to be particularly engaging.

What set this mode apart was its intricate system that accommodated a diverse range of play styles, allowing each player to leave their distinct mark on the game. This versatility led to a constant influx of players returning to the game, driven by the desire to fine-tune and optimize their lineups. While it’s true that the game occasionally leaned towards a pay-to-play model, it’s worth noting that dedicated players could still attain those coveted players through diligent grinding and perseverance.

One aspect that truly set 20 apart was the realization that victory wasn’t solely determined by the roster of players you possessed. While having star players was undoubtedly beneficial, it became evident that success hinged on a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics, individual players’ strengths, and their corresponding counters. It wasn’t enough to assemble a roster of the best players; one needed strategic acumen and a profound comprehension of the game’s nuances to truly compete.

In retrospect, Madden 20’s uniqueness and its capacity to foster both nostalgia and innovation in tandem made it an exceptional entry in the franchise. The game managed to resonate with players on multiple levels, from reliving cherished memories to embracing novel gameplay elements, ultimately solidifying its status as a standout in the Madden series.

Mason Wood: Madden 12/Madden 09 All-Play

One of the first Madden I really dove into on Xbox, Madden 12 was my favorite. Back then, I came home from school everyday and played my Los Angeles Vipers franchise. I always chose Cam Newton and just had a good time. I also enjoyed the superstar mode and specifically the coach audio in your ear. Nowadays, it’s quite annoying but back then it was like having an actual coach talking me through the game. It taught me a lot about the game and about football.

I also want to give a shoutout to a very underrated game, Madden 09 All-Play on the Wii. Yes, I was one of those kids who mainly played games on the Wii, until I was 12 or so.  09 All-Play was one of my first tastes of what NFL games were like. The motion controls were awesome and the realism mixed with arcade feel was perfect for a young me. Franchise was my go to mode and for some reason I always chose the Steelers. Nonetheless, it ranks up there alongside 12 as my personal favorite.


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