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What The Cardinals Should Look For In Their Next Head Coach


On this 2023 Black Monday the Arizona Cardinals have officially parted ways with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and general manager Steve Kiem is stepping down today as well. Both moves were anticipated by many after the disaster that was 2022 and the organization will try to move forward. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is who will take over those roles. Today, we focus on the head coaching position that has been a rotating door since Bruce Arians’ departure. Here’s what the Cardinals should be looking for.


One of the things Arizona lacked under Kliff Kingsbury was discipline. Penalties that would become drive-killers were a staple under Kingsbury and that can’t continue. All four years of his tenure the Cards were top five in penalties committed. The next head coach of this team needs to be someone who preaches discipline or has shown discipline in their teams in the past. This team will not win a Super Bowl if they are top ten in penalties every year.

A Non-Play Caller

Many coaches these days like to call their own offense or defense, but it doesn’t always work out. One of Kingsbury’s faults was his inability to give up play calling, which is seen in most play calling coaches these days. I’m not saying they all fail, but very few are able to have success with the strategy. Arizona needs a guy that can focus on being a head coach for both the offense and defense.

A Good Staff

The guy Arizona needs to look for needs to have a solid staff in the works or in place. As previously mentioned, the Cardinals need a non-play caller at the helm which also means they need solid coordinators. Vance Joseph could easily stay on the Cardinals staff, especially if Arizona hires an offensive-minded coach. Keeping him on the defensive side would be a good move for this young defense, which makes the offensive coordinator hire all the more important. The next Cardinals head coach needs to bring an offensive coordinator that can help elevate this highly talented offense.

Arizona has a lot to think about right now as an organization. This offseason has to be done right in order to keep the fans on board with the future of this team. If the Cardinals don’t make the right hire and continue to sputter with Kyler Murray at the helm, things will only get worse for this organization. Will they make the right decision?

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