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Why Alex Rodriguez Belongs in Monument Park

Alex Rodriguez takes some dirt with him in his final game with the New York Yankees.

If there’s another Yankee that deserves to get his number retired, it’s Alex Rodriguez. Without him, there would be no World Series in ’09.

It has been clear that the New York Yankees have retired pretty much all the notable players who are part of team history. If there’s one player who should have their number retired next in Monument Park, it is 3B Alex Rodriguez. Understandably, Alex Rodriguez has a difficult history, but that shouldn’t change the fact that the team should retire his number. Without his contributions, the team wouldn’t have their 27th title hanging up at the moment.

The Yankees acquired him in a blockbuster trade with the Texas Rangers. In exchange for Rodriguez, New York gave up OF Alfonso Soriano and a PTBNL (Joaquin Arias). It was also agreed that Texas would pay $67 million of the $179 million that was left out of Rodriguez’s contract.

This article will be discussing why A-Rod deserves to have his number retired at Monument Park.

On Field Productions

There is no doubt that Alex will leave as one of the game’s greatest third basemen of all-time. His stats say it all. He’s a three-time AL MVP, 10-time Silver Slugger, and two-time Gold Glove winner. His 696 career home runs places him fifth on the all-time home run list as well as finishing up at #16 in WAR (117.5).

Despite not spending his entire career as a Yankee, Alex did spend at least a decade with the Yanks. During his tenure with the team, he had a slash line of .283/.378/.523 and tallied 1,096 of his 2,086 RBIs. Not to mention he is also remembered for heroic performance during the 2009 playoff run. During that time, he managed to own a batting average of .365 with 19 hits, six home runs, 18 RBIs and 15 runs scored in 15 games in that magical run. Indeed, those playoff numbers back then would sure cement his Yankee legacy.

Outside of postseason runs, Rodriguez was also clutch during the regular season during his time in pinstripes. In his Yankee days, he hit six walk-off home runs. The most he had hit in one year was three during the inaugural season back in 2009. That just shows you what kind of difference maker Alex could be when he stepped up to the plate.

Memorable Moments

There are some memorable moments that may want people to considered Alex Rodriguez a legendary Yankee. One of these moments is his 2007 AL MVP run. During that time, he looked unstoppable. Pitchers were afraid of pitching to A-Rod. No matter the location of the pitch he would find a way to beat you. As a result of the 2007 season dominance, Rodriguez led the American League in home runs with an impressive total of 54.

Another moment that was a highlight during Alex’s time with the Yanks is when he launched his 500th career home run in 2007 versus the Kansas City Royals. What made this moment so remarkable is that he became the youngest to do so ever since 1B Jimmie Foxx accomplished that feat. This moment provided an opportunity for fans, teammates, and the baseball community to take time to reflect on his insane career.

A third interesting moment that comes to mind is when Rodriguez notched his 3,000th hit at the new Yankee Stadium. The home run added an extra layer of achievement to the milestone, making A-Rod’s 3,000th career hit symbolic. He joined SS Derek Jeter and 3B Wade Boggs as the only players to notch their with home runs. It was a pretty significant moment for sure.

Fan Appreciation

Though Alex Rodriguez’s career was a complex one, he was still able to get some admiration and support from fans. The reason he was able to get some appreciation was due to his on-field performances. Fans enjoyed his offensive prowess, remarkable power, and consistency as a hitter.

That was not the only thing that got fans to show appreciation. It was also the defensive skills that A-Rod put in display early in his career. Before he transitioned to being a third basemen, Alex was a shortstop during his early days of his career. There was no doubt that his defensive skills at both positions were exceptional, showcasing his versatility and athleticism. At the same time, it was very rewarding to a professional like Alex Rodriguez. He earned himself Gold Glove awards at shortstop for the Rangers.

Aside from accomplishing things on the field, Alex has also done good stuff off the field as well. Currently, he has been actively involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. While he has not only contributed financially, he also has shown full support of the organization’s initiatives. In terms of making an impact, he has been reinforcing the organization’s mission as well as contributing to the positive impact it has on communities. Rodriguez is worthy of being the next member of Monument Park.

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