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XFL Officially Cancels Inaugural Season

After Spending the past couple of weeks under an indefinite suspension, the Xtreme Football League has official cancelled the rest of the 2020 season. Despite their sudden halt, the new league succeeded in proving that they weren’t just another start up league.

The XFL used social media and commercials to effectively create groups of passionate fans surrounding every team. At the end of five weeks, every team had at least one win and only one team was undefeated, showing that the league effectively created parity of teams.

It was a true success for players, coaches, fans and staff. Despite the early closure, the league will pay out their players’ salaries, something the AAF would not have considered doing, even if they had been able to.

So as we wait out the Covid-19 outbreak and look forward to the 2020 NFL season and XFL 2021 season, lets look back at some high lights from the XFL season.

  • The DC Defenders Beer Snake: When the New York Guardians came to visit the DC Defenders, nobody knew that Defenders fans were about the revolutionize beer cup disposal. Fans created a stack of empty beer cups that stretched over ten rows. They brought it back in week five against the St. Louis Battlehawks and commissioner Luck contributed an empty to a new and improved beer snake which stretched from the first row to the top of the stadium.
  • PJ Walker’s historic season: The Houston Roughnecks were led to the only 5-0 start in the league, thanks to a legendary performance from Walker, who would have been the near unanimous MVP, had the season continued. PJ Walker led the league in passing yards 1338, leaving almost 300 yards between himself and the next closest quarterback. His favorite target Cam Phillips also led the league in receiving yards with 455. These two stood out above the rest of the league, and we could very well see these two suiting up for NFL teams in August.
  • Sideline Interview Madness: The XFL introduced never before seen access to the the players and coaches thoughts during the game. It was fantastic to watch live as the camera men and interviewers ran around from one sideline to the other after big plays. This feature often got crazy, with multiple players dropping the f-bomb on live television or venting about their coaches to cover up their own mistakes. Regardless of the mishaps, the interviews made the XFL even more fun and entertaining for televised games.
  • Transparency: One thing that commissioner luck emphasized from day one, was that the XFL was going to be transparent, and always listening for feedback on what fans wanted to see. They did an incredible job of this from the start to the unexpected finish. This transparency was so extreme, that the play review ref was shown and heard on live TV as he review questionable calls and made a verdict. In week five, the Seattle Dragons were robbed of a chance to win tie the game late, when a ref reviewed the play in question, acknowledged that there was indeed a second left on the play clock, and chose to the let the time run out. Instead of doubling down and covering for the ref, the league released a public statement saying that they were wrong, and that the ref was being reassigned.

The XFL did everything right in their first year. They kept the fans happy and provided an exciting and entertaining product. They have stated publicly that they have every intention of returning in 2021, so hold onto your jerseys and get ready for another season of fan focused football next February.

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