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Hall of Fame Candidates for Each NL West Team

The NL West is a division that’s seen lots of success in the past decade. Here is who should represent each team next in the Hall of Fame.

With three teams in the NL West having less than three Hall of Fame players, here’s who will most likely be the team’s next representative.

This article will have a mixture of current and retired players. It will not be the team the player is currently on but the team they are most known for spending time with.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Brad Ziegler

The Diamondbacks are a hard one to decide. Only being created in 1998, it would be difficult for them to have multiple names in talks for the Hall of Fame.

To represent them, Brad Ziegler would be the best option.

Ziegler spent time with Arizona from 2011-2016 and a short stint in 2018.  For his career, Ziegler was a very effective pitcher. In 717.1 innings pitcher he had an ERA of 2.75. Even though he was never really a consistently used closer, he had 105 total saves.

Unfortunately, Ziegler doesn’t have much hardware to show for his lengthy career. With no real achievements or accolades it makes him a long shot to ever reach the Hall.

Of course, for a team without much history behind it, things should change soon with lots of young promising talent.

Colorado Rockies: Todd Helton

Helton is the easy choice and most likely to become the next player to represent the Rockies in the HOF.

He should soon be enshrined in history with his great 17-year career with the Rockies.

In 7,962 career at-bats he sat with a slash line of .316/.414/.539. Having 2,519 hits and 369 home runs in a career speaks for itself and his HOF case.

Of course, he also had the accolades to back it up. He was a five time All-Star while gaining four Silver Sluggers and three Gold Gloves.

His best season came in 2000. Despite finishing fifth in MVP voting, he led the league in RBIs, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, and doubles.

There is no doubt that Helton will be put in the Hall soon.  He only narrowly missed this year.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw will go down as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Of course, he will be representing the Dodgers when the inevitable happens and he makes the Hall of Fame.

Kershaw is a career Cy Young candidate. Spending his entire 15 years and counting with the Dodgers, he’s pitched 2,581 innings. In that time, he has a 2.58 ERA, 2,807 strikeouts, a 1.001 WHIP, 25 complete games, 15 shutouts and one no hitter.

He has also accumulated nine All-Star appearances, three Cy Young winning seasons, and one MVP. In terms of Dodgers records he has the highest WAR of any pitcher and the most strikeouts.

A 2020 World Series win put the cap on an all-time pitching career for Kershaw.

San Diego Padres: Manny Machado

Machado is the youngest player on this list but for good reason.

Having already put up four amazing seasons with the Padres and signing a new 11-year extension, Manny will go down as a Padre for life.

In just 10 years he has already made a great career. With 5,673 at-bats under his belt, he has slashed .282/.351/.531, with 1597 hits, 283 homeruns and 853 RBIs.

Not to mention his constant ability to flash the leather and make unbelievable defensive plays with a career .968 fielding percentage.

Already having six All-Star appearances, two Gold Gloves, one Silver Slugger and one Platinum Glove, Machado looks to collect more. Just last year Manny finished second in MVP voting.

When the time comes for Manny to join history it will be in a Padres hat.

San Francisco Giants: Buster Posey

The Giants constantly have amazing players. It was a hard decision between Posey and Madison Bumgarner, but ultimately, I went with Posey.

Buster will continue to be known as one of the greats at the catcher position. As a catcher his offensive statistics were off the charts.

With 4,970 career at-bats he hit .302/.372/.460 including 1,500 hits, 158 homeruns, 729 RBIs and a .831 OPS.

Being a seven time All-Star, five-time Silver Slugger, and three-time World Series champion makes a case for itself. Then add on a one-time winner of a Gold Glove, Hank Aaron Award, and Rookie of the Year it makes the decision all that much easier.

Buster Posey will add onto an already storied franchise when eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2026.

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