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Juventus Penalty Suspended

On Thursday, some big news broke in Italian soccer, as Juventus’ Penalty was put under suspension in the Serie A. Juventus, from Turin, received a 15-point penalty back in January on charges of false accounting. Thanks to the positive news, the squad is now third in the Serie A table with 10 matches remaining in the 2022-23 season. This is not the first occurrence this season of a financial rule violation, however. Back Sports Page’s own Franco Stumbo has details about the UK’s Manchester City breaching Premier League rules here. But how does this affect Juventus overall and where will this lead them down the road? Let’s look a bit deeper into this ruling.

Juventus Penalty Suspension: Good for Now, but Unsure About Future

Thanks to the suspension, as already mentioned, the team has leapfrogged from seventh to third in the current Serie A table. With 59 total points, this qualifies the squad for a bid to be in the UEFA Champions League. The Associated Press notes that the penalty will no longer be in effect for this season. However, the ruling is now in the Serie A appeals court, which could mean a new trial could reinstate the suspension. That could mean that the potential penalty could carry over into next season, which starts in late August.

What Came As A Result of the Penalty?

When the violation first hit, not only were 15 points lost, but former team president Andrea Agnelli and club CEO Maurizio Arrivabene were each given a two-year ban from any soccer activities. Nine other members gave a resignation notice and also got hit with a ban (no time length given). Per Andrew Dampf of AP, the club’s appeal went to the country’s highest sports court within the Italian Olympic Committee.

So, Where Did the Penalty Exactly Come From?

The 15-point penalty stemmed from a Turin public prosecutor investigation in November of 2022. The prosecutors made allegations that the Juventus FC board were making false bookkeeping accounts. But this is not the first scandal to surround the club. AP also notes that the team was part of a refereeing issue that demoted Juventus to Serie B and losing two Serie A titles.

Final Thoughts

With the 2022-23 season nearing its end, Juventus FC looks to be in pursuit of another Serie A title. While the 15-point penalty from January is currently under suspension, there is still some concern that it may be reinstated next season. But for now, the club will have its top marks ready to go. They will want to look toward qualification for the UEFA Champions League.

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