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Patrick Mahomes: To the Victor, Remains Humble and Not Spoiled


The Leaders Behind the Leader: Patrick Mahomes

There is no doubting, no matter who you cheer for, that Patrick Mahomes is a generational talent, a meticulous student of the game, and has asserted himself as a premiere leader to his team. However, there is a lesser aspect of someone whether Mahomes, or many other leaders in the world of sports, that should have a light cast upon it. This of course is the people who raised and molded these fine individuals. In this instance, it is apropos to discuss the aforementioned Quarterback. This is not a biography, just making connections with the leader-in-question is because of certain influences.

Background to the “Mah-Leader”, the Chief of Chiefs

Patrick Lavon Mahomes was born into an already athletic family. Most notably, his father Pat Mahomes was a Major League Baseball (MLB) Pitcher for several teams. As a respectable, and talented player by the opinions of most of his peers, he had an influence on his son from an early age.

As I mentioned, this is not a timeline of his life. What the most paramount information is the lessons he instilled on his son, the meaning of being an example. In several of Mahomes (the Quarterback) interviews that have focused on his childhood, there was a clear and profound feeling of gratitude that he was never pressured into following in his father’s footsteps. It was sense of admiration in which drove this young man to competitive sports. Later we know the young Patrick would become an elite football name, however it is lesser known that he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 2014 MLB draft and isn’t mentioning he was a starter on the basketball team.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This however would not be possible without the support of his father and mother, Randi Martin. It could not have been a simple transition when raising three children with baseball putting you from team to team, whether it’s “Farm League” or the Major League. There is over a span of 162 games in an MLB season. That is not including the stretches where you’re away for at least a week or more. This responsibility in this case lies upon the mother, Randi Martin. She is not a household-name, rather has kept the domestic side of the Mahomes secure through her husband’s previous career. When a child whether born into the limelight or a less glamorous situation, the most positive outcome for a young person’s character is a mother, father, grandparent, or any guardian that is willing to encourage them to explore and flourish with the talents and potential in whatever that may be. 

The Result of the Leaders’ Guidance

Both parents Pat and Randi still remain extremely close with one another, and with all of their children. Though the other siblings may not have the “larger-than-life” status, you wouldn’t know the status by the MVP in how he carries himself. This is obviously the case of the young phenom who is setting the league on fire, the influence of people of character (like many unsung leaders) guiding young people to show a standard us as a whole should admire. Patrick along with every gender, creed, culture, and race can always thrive with supportive and loving role models. Those heroes are “the leaders behind the leader.”

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