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Aaron Rodgers To The Jets Is a 50/50

Desperately Need a Quarterback

The New York Jets failed to make the playoffs after going 7-10. They failed to make the playoffs mainly due to injuries and a struggling offense and poor play from the quarterback position who is the anchor of the offense. The Jets have been vocal they are in the hunt for a veteran quarterback. Some of the names being mentioned are Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Ryan Tannehill.

Aaron Rodgers the Favorite?

Rodgers is hands down the best quarterback available as his resume speaks for himself. He is a 10-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, and four-time MVP. The Jets need a quarterback who can get them over the hump and make the playoffs and even compete for a Super Bowl. Not many quarterbacks can help you get to the playoffs more than Rodgers can.

Old Connection Potentially Reunited

In January, the New York Jets and former offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur mutually parted ways. LaFleur is now the new offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams. To replace him, the Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett as the new offensive coordinator. Hackett was Rodgers offensive coordinator from 2019-2021 where Rodgers made the Pro Bowl each year and won back-to-back MVP’s in 2020 and 2021.


However, there are just as many reasons Rodgers to the Jets does not make sense as reasons it does.

Not the Perfect Fit?

A few former NFL players have publicly admitted that Rodgers is either not the best fit for them or he will struggle in New York. Greg Jennings who played with Rodgers, admitted that Derek Carr may be a better fit because it would be a perfect fit for him. Also, it will be easier to reconstruct his contract as opposed to Rodgers’s. Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber mentioned that Rodgers will struggle in New York due to how sensitive Rodgers is. Barber feels if Rodgers is this sensitive, then he cannot handle the pressure of playing in New York. Also, he would have to constantly deal with the media and fans that he has not handled well throughout his career in the past.

Can the Jets Afford Him?

Currently, the Jets have $264,498 dollars in cap space. That number will change however, due to restructuring contracts, releasing players, the draft, and free agency. However, it is something to consider especially since Rodgers has a huge contract. He currently has four years left on his huge deal, but can opt out after the 2024 season. If Rodgers wants to leave Green Bay and go to New York, he will have to restructure his contract.

Age and Championship Window

The Jets goal is to get to the playoffs and even compete for a championship. They have the young roster and plenty of talent to do it. However, how much football does Rodgers have left in him. He is currently 39 years old and does not even know if he will return to football as he started his “darkness retreat” this week. If the Jets acquire Rodgers, they will be back in the same boat of not having a franchise quarterback once he retires.

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