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Trae Young Is Focused As Ever, Amid Trade Rumors

Trae Young On The Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young is taking the air out of recent trade rumors ahead of the Playoff berth Hawks fans have been hoping for.

On Monday morning, social media was in a flurry after Twitter account  NBA Central (@NBACentral) announced that everything was on the table for the Atlanta Hawks, including a possible Trae Young trade. There’s no official word from the Hawks front office or their all-star guard, so nothing is certain. Ahead of the Hawks’ Play-in game with Miami, Young was asked by the press about the situation. Young gave this as a response. 

“It could be false, could be true, you never know,” Young said following the Hawks’ shootaround in Miami, where they played against the Miami Heat Tuesday and convincingly won the seventh seed spot in the Eastern Conference Play-In game. They will face the two-seeded Boston Celtics in Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs starting Sunday, April 16th.

“Especially as the player in the moment, you can’t look at what’s gonna come on next year,” Young said. “After the game, if the game doesn’t go your way tonight, what’s gonna happen? Like, you can’t focus on things like that. That messes up your head and then you’re not ready to play so, me, I’m not worried about that. I’m gonna let my game play. After the season, whatever happens, happens. I mean, I’m focused on the next task at hand. I can’t worry about the outside noise or whatever fake stories come out, or what’s true, whatever.”

What Does this Response Mean?

Trae Young On The Atlanta Hawks

Photo by Alex Goodlett

That is a mature answer from a player preparing to fight for his playoff life. It is never easy breaks when Hawks fans hear that their franchise player is up for a trade, with no official confirmation. The Trae Young saga in Atlanta has been bumpy, no doubt, but he has brought substantially more good things to Atlanta than bad things. 

There is no secret around the fact that Lloyd Pierce and Nate McMillan were fired based on a lack of results and problems with Hawks superstar Trae Young. If an organization is ready to fire two coaches and go after Quinn Snyder, a well-known known players coach with a history of playoff success, why would they trade away their organization’s centerpiece? 

Now Is The Time to Win

Besides the fact that Young was lights out this season, averaging 27 points and 10 assists, the hiring of Quinn Snyder brings skepticism to the validity of these recent rumors. Snyder does not seem like he is ready for a rebuild. Based on his history, he is prepared for a win-now situation, which he intended to sign up for with the Hawks. 

Trae Young being traded is a significant domino that would start a massive downfall; many people have said this move will make Dejounte Murray the team star, but if he wanted that, he would still be a San Antonio Spur. Murray, much like Snyder, is looking to be in a win-now situation, and I don’t see him staying in Atlanta after his contract if they sell off Trae. 

Pros Outweigh The Cons

There is one reason that stands atop all of the reasons to keep Iced Trae. On Tuesday night in Miami, the Atlanta Hawks took on the Miami Heat and more or less dominated the game. The Heat went on significant runs to reduce Atlanta’s big leads, but Atlanta firmly stood their ground and held their lead during the game. They played with an extremely fast pace against the Heat, catching them very off-guard during most possessions. This gameplan was something rarely inserted during the regular season. 

Trae Young’s stat line of 25-7-8 was crucial in the win over Miami. These stats are no anomaly for the Lubbock-born point guard. Hawks fans have become accustomed to double-double potential every night. Young brings more than an endless range and court vision comparable to the very best to do it. He brings a swagger and attitude that role players like and can get behind. 

The Potential Is There For the Hawks

The Hawks started the season so poorly then turned it around due to changes. People credit Quinn Snyder coming in for the change. Truth is, Trae is the leader of this team, and without him buying in, nobody else would. The win in Miami is due to Trae’s leadership just as much as it is to Snyder. 

To trade such a crucial part of your organization then rebuild is a possibility Hawks fans must be prepared for. As a fan of Atlanta sports, you become accustomed to the heartbreak of ignorant front-office moves. I believe in this front office and do not think they are ready to part ways with their “Young” superstar.

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