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AL East Preview and Review: The Boston Red Sox

Alex Verdugo celebrates hitting a home run during a home game for the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox finished in last place again, and a change in leadership has not led to a clear improvement regarding the roster.

In a season marked by unmet expectations, the Boston Red Sox (78-84) concluded their 2023 campaign with a subpar record, leaving fans and the organization alike yearning for a return to prominence. The underwhelming performance prompted introspection, as the team faced challenges across the roster and failed to secure a postseason berth.

Notably, the Red Sox made a strategic move by trading OF Alex Verdugo to the arch-rival New York Yankees, signaling a commitment to reshaping the team’s dynamics. As the offseason unfolds, Boston finds itself at a crossroads, with a keen focus on rebuilding and fortifying their roster for the 2024 season.

The upcoming year holds the promise of renewal, as the Red Sox embark on a quest for redemption and aim to recapture the winning tradition that defines this storied franchise in the competitive landscape of Major League Baseball.

In this in-depth review and preview piece, we will look back on the highs and lows of the 2023 Red Sox season, while projecting the path forward for 2024 and beyond.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

Boston compiled a 14-14 record in Spring Training during the preseason, as the franchise looked to develop new young talent and prepare for a reloading year. The Red Sox lost 10-9 on Opening Day in a highly competitive contest with the Baltimore Orioles to go 0-1 in the month of March.

April: Solid Start (15-13)

Boston compiled a 15-13 record in the month of April in what started out as a highly competitive AL East race. The Red Sox closely followed the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays, while playing neck and neck with the Baltimore Orioles and Yankees.

May: Chugging Along (13-13)

The Red Sox finished a stagnant 13-13 in the month of May, losing valuable ground to the AL East leaders and falling behind in the Wild Card race. Boston began to lose track of the pack as contenders started figuring things out.

June: Slipping a Bit (13-15)

Boston followed up a stagnant May with an unimpressive 13-15 record in June. The Red Sox buried themselves into the bottom of the AL East standings, as postseason hopes began to drift away into the distance.

In-Season Change

July: Comeback Hopes (15-8)

A much-needed All-Star break helped Boston regain composure in the month of July. The Red Sox compiled a 15-8 record across 23 games to salvage hopes for the season and remain relevant on the fringe of postseason competition.

August: Falling Out of the Race (13-15)

Any hopes of a possible late postseason push were dashed in August, as Boston faltered back to a monthly record of 13-15 overall. The Red Sox lost the momentum from July as Baltimore and Tampa Bay charged on atop the AL East contention list.

September: Whimpering Finish

Boston completely faltered down the stretch, going just 8-19 across the month of September to finish in last place of the vaunted AL East. They fired Chaim Bloom in the middle of the month. The Red Sox fell behind their biggest rival, the New York Yankees, while finishing a whopping 23 games behind the 101-win Orioles.


This disappointing 2023 season highlighted the repercussions of the franchise’s recent decisions to part ways with young stars for financial reasons, a strategy that left fans increasingly frustrated. The trade of Alex Verdugo to the New York Yankees at the MLB Winter Meetings further intensified discontent, symbolizing a seismic shift in team dynamics.

As the Red Sox now confront the aftermath of these choices, a critical offseason beckons. The need for a revamped farm system and strategic player acquisitions looms large to fill the void created by the departure of key talent. Fan frustrations have mounted, particularly directed at ownership, with criticisms of perceived cost-cutting measures overshadowing the team’s competitiveness.

The upcoming weeks present a pivotal period for new front office head Craig Breslow, requiring prudent decisions to address roster deficiencies and regain fan trust. The call for a renewed commitment to investing in top-tier talent resonates strongly, as Boston seeks a comprehensive plan to navigate the delicate balance between financial considerations and on-field success, aiming to restore the franchise to its historical standing as a perennial contender.


I do not expect the Red Sox to come anywhere close to contention in 2024, making way for another disappointing year in Beantown, as the Celtics and Bruins garner much of fans’ attention.

Boston fans, accustomed to championships and sustained success, will likely have to wait a few seasons before seeing another championship-worthy Red Sox roster take the field at Fenway Park.

This Boston team lacks the big names, experience and consistency to go anywhere just yet. However, the Red Sox always find a way to figure things out just when you expect rock-bottom to hit.

Is another surprise season from Boston inevitable? While nothing is impossible, I just have a hard time believing in Boston right now, especially after trading away Alex Verdugo to the arch-rival Yankees.

I do not see the Red Sox competing for another two or three years, where they will then look to run down the Orioles from atop the AL East.

Prediction: Boston Red Sox (74-88)

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