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NL West Review and Preview: The San Francisco Giants

Patrick Bailey throws the ball back to the pitcher while playing for the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants had a disappointing season as they fell out of the playoff race, and they might be headed for a similar outcome.

In the unpredictable tapestry of the 2023 MLB season, the San Francisco Giants navigated a journey marked by both triumphs and tribulations, concluding with a 79-83 record. A season that unfolded as a testament to resilience and the ever-shifting nature of baseball, the Giants faced formidable opponents, their performance mirroring the ebb and flow of the sport they devote their lives to.

As the season dawned, optimism permeated the Bay Area. However, the path proved to be laden with challenges, and the team found itself in a dance of victories and defeats. From the jubilation of notable wins to the sting of hard-fought losses, the Giants etched a narrative that spoke to the essence of competition and the enduring spirit of those who call Oracle Park home.

Through the highs and lows, the Giants’ journey became a reflection of the unpredictable nature of baseball, a reminder that success is often found in the midst of challenges. As the final curtain fell on their 2023 campaign, the Giants stood resilient, their story echoing through the annals of baseball lore, leaving fans eager for the promise of a new season and the potential it holds.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Giants navigated the preseason with a 14-15 record. San Francisco dropped an Opening Day game against the New York Yankees to go 0-1 in the month of March.

April: Unsteady Start (11-15)

The Giants embarked on a journey in April, facing early challenges and concluding the month with an unsteady 11-15 record. The initial steps hinted at the hurdles ahead, setting the tone for a season marked by peaks and valleys.

May: Flashes of Brilliance (17-12)

May brought moments of brilliance, with C Patrick Bailey and the Giants showing flashes of potential, surging to a 17-12 record. Resilience emerged, revealing a team capable of overcoming adversity. However, the sporadic brilliance also hinted at an inconsistency that would shape the narrative.

June: Midseason Highs (18-8)

Midseason arrived with highs for the Giants, boasting an 18-8 record in June. The team reached a zenith, displaying their capabilities and fueling optimism. Yet, the highs would prove ephemeral, setting the stage for a season that teased promise but lacked sustained momentum.

Slipping Down the Standings

July: Navigating Challenges (12-13)

July became a testing ground for the Giants, navigating challenges and finishing the month with a 12-13 record. The hurdles exposed vulnerabilities, providing a reality check amid sporadic successes. The journey became a delicate balance between triumphs and setbacks.

August: Tumultuous Times (12-15)

August ushered in tumultuous times, marked by a 12-15 record. The Giants grappled with inconsistency, encountering obstacles that tempered the earlier optimism. It became a chapter defined by both struggle and moments of fleeting brilliance.

September: Late-Season Slide (9-18)

As the season neared its conclusion in September, the Giants experienced a late-season slide, ending with a 9-18 record. The glimpses of success gave way to a reality check, as the team underperformed and slipped when it mattered most.

In reflection, the Giants showcased moments of success and potential throughout the 2023 season. However, the narrative ultimately unfolded as one of underperformance, with a late-season slip dampening the earlier promise. As the final pitch echoed, the Giants faced a mix of optimism for the future and contemplation on the missed opportunities that defined their journey.


San Francisco is far past its even-year days of magic under Bruce Bochy. The Giants had a regular season of brilliance in 2021 with Gabe Kapler at the helm but returned to Earth in 2022 and 2023.

Expect San Francisco to slowly regress in 2024 after missing out on a few coveted big-name free agents and playing second-fiddle to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Giants finish behind the Padres once more, beginning a complete turnaround in 2025 to start over once more.

San Francisco lacks the veteran leadership it had for all its playoff runs, plus the absence of Bruce Bochy in the Bay Area for magic. It’s hard for me to see Bob Melvin doing much in San Francisco after squandering talent for years with San Diego. The Giants’ dynasty is long gone, but I do expect this well-run franchise to return within five years.

San Francisco is too good a ball club to fall into total disarray.

In 2024, the Giants face challenges anew. The Dodgers are a star-studded hurdle. Padres: financial juggernauts loom. The Diamondbacks are a rising force with potential. Historic rivals intensify battles. Talent-packed division demands excellence. The Giants will navigate a treacherous path. Formidable adversaries are in a perpetual divisional battleground. Giants confront sea of talent and competition. An unpredictable journey awaits. Success hinges on overcoming challenges. 2024 promises an exhilarating ride.

I just can’t see a team other than the Dodgers or Diamondbacks winning the NL West. Quite frankly, it is entirely the Dodgers’ division to lose, before their annual October collapse.

With the Diamondbacks’ new gem in OF Corbin Carroll and the Dodgers putting SP/DH Shohei Ohtani on the books, the future gets a lot murkier in the Bay Area.

Prediction: San Francisco Giants (75-87) miss playoffs

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