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BSP Roundtable: Super Bowl LVIII Predictions

Welcome back to the BSP Roundtable

Here on the BSP roundtable, we ask each of our writers for their opinion on a specific topic. With Super Bowl LVIII being this weekend, we felt it was only right to submit our Super Bowl predictions. Here’s what our writers are expecting for the big game!


Andy Diedrich: Chiefs 26, 49ers 14

While I want to keep it as simple as one team has Patrick Mahomes and the other doesn’t, I do think the 49ers are good enough for me to back this claim up a bit. As of late, Kansas City’s success has come from the other side of the ball. Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has developed his unit into one of the league’s best in his 5 years with the Chiefs. And despite the sheer amount of weapons the 49ers have at every position on offense, I’m taking Spag’s defense to pave the way for another Chiefs title.

Brendan Klink: Chiefs 26, 49ers 23

Super Bowl 58 is among us. The league’s prized jewel Patrick Mahomes is set to face off with “Mr. irrelevant” of the 2022 NFL draft Brock Purdy. The Super Bowl is set in Las Vegas, the same city in which Brock patiently waited until the very end of the draft to hear his name called. That mixed with the vengeance the 49ers hold in this year’s Super Bowl rematch is every reason why Las Vegas has San Francisco listed as Super Bowl favorites.

But then there was Patrick Mahomes…Mahomes and the Chiefs have been on a tear these past couple of weeks. They dismantled arguably the best team in the league (Baltimore Ravens) and took down a hungry Buffalo Bills team while visiting. The Chiefs defense has looked as good as ever and their offense has been dominating the run game with the use of Isiah Pacheco. Although a Brock Purdy and 49ers revenge game against the Chiefs in the city of Las Vegas sounds amusing, it may be too good to be true. Mahomes is 2-1 all-time in Super Bowl appearances and has the experience. Also, Travis Kelce might be looking for a ring to give to Taylor Swift too.

Carolina Shannon: 49ers 35, Chiefs 31

The Niners’ defense has gotten better and better as the year went on; holding potent offenses when it mattered most and making life miserable for opposing quarterbacks. Their solid secondary will have success against the Chiefs’ pass catchers, who have struggled all season and will force Mahomes into dangerous passes. Purdy has proven that he’s great under pressure, and all he needs is one final drive to bring the Lombardi home and to finally silence the haters who said he wasn’t good enough.

Ean Goldstein: 49ers 24, Chiefs 21

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is that in many ways, these teams are the inverse of each other. On offense, the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes, who has taken over Tom Brady’s mantle as the signal-caller you least want to face in the playoffs. But, besides Travis Kelce, there are some questions about KC’s weapons, particularly at wide receiver.

For San Francisco, Brock Purdy has looked shaky this postseason, but they have a plethora of playmakers, from Deebo Samuel to George Kittle to Christian McCaffrey. This should allow Purdy to settle into the game, which has allowed the 49ers to come back in the 2nd half against both the Packers and Lions. On the other hand, the Chiefs have struggled in the 2nd half, only scoring 24 points in 3 games in the 2nd half this postseason. It will come down to the final possession, but I believe the 49ers’ stars will prevail.

Marthony Sanders: Chiefs 27, 49ers 21

The Kansas City defense may not be able to get all of San Francisco’s weapons contained. However, the defense will do just enough to lead Brock Purdy into making a mistake. Patrick Mahomes will take advantage of it finding his weapons, and possibly someone not named Travis Kelce will make a play as well. Just can’t bet against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. A new dynasty is officially born.

Michael Bourdeau: Chiefs 27, 49ers 24

As a Raiders fan, I can’t stand both teams, and the fact they’re playing in Vegas is more annoying. But I’ve learned to never bet against Mahomes. However, if there is one formula to beat the 49ers, it’s to slow the game down and make Brock Purdy push the ball downfield. And with Isaiah Pacheco being one of the best running backs throughout the playoffs, this is going to be tough for the 49ers. Even with all the 49ers weapons, it won’t beat out Mahomes and the Chiefs Defense.

Rokaya Mikhailenko: Chiefs 27, 49ers 21

The general idea is that the Chiefs will win against the 49ers this Sunday 27 – 21 or 27 – 24. The Chiefs have an amazing record, and making it to the Superbowl a 4th time in 5 years is outstanding, and a good reason to predict their victory. But I’m hoping San Francisco comes through with an upset. We’re seeing some tarnish on the Mahomes shine while Purdy is getting brighter and brighter. Additionally, the 49ers entered the playoffs as the NFC #1 seed because they played a fantastic regular season of football, notably better overall than Kansas City.

Shelby Allen: Chiefs 29, 49ers 27

After overcoming late-game deficits in their first two playoff matchups, the 49ers will find themselves in a totally different, but not entirely unfamiliar position Sunday night. Despite entering the fourth quarter with a two-score lead and possession of the ball near mid-field, Kyle Shanahan and company allow the Chiefs back into the game late. In the waning minutes, Butker is put in comfortable field goal range with the Chiefs trailing 26-27. While running the clock down, a surprise flea gives the Chiefs the first down needed to exhaust the 49ers time outs. Butker’s kick leaves no time on the clock as the Chiefs roll to their third Super Bowl victory of the Mahomes era.

Mason Wood: Chiefs 34, 49ers 30

Not to agree with everyone else, but it’s hard to bet against Mahomes. He’s proven time and time again that picking against him is a bad idea. That being said, I won’t be shocked to see the 49ers pull this one out, they are more than due. I expect a big game out of Travis Kelce and the Chiefs and quite frankly, I expect their best performance of the season at just the right time. Purdy will have to throw the ball a lot and Kittle will be a huge factor in this game, but they’ll more than likely fall short with the game ending on a hail-mary attempt from the 49ers. Patrick Mahomes will have his 3rd Super Bowl come Sunday night.

Back Sports Page is leaning… Chiefs

As our writers made apparent, many believe the Chiefs have this in the bag. Similar to last year, a good portion of our staff is taking the Chiefs in hopes of being correct 2 years in a row. Nobody was able to get the score correct in last year’s predictions, but maybe someone has the magic number this year?

Let us know your prediction using the comment button and enjoy Super Bowl LVIII.

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