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AL West Review and Preview: The Texas Rangers

Corey Seager celebrates hitting a home run in the ninth inning of Game One of the 2023 World Series for the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers won their first World Series title, and with many stars on the roster, they are set up to succeed for years to come.

The Texas Rangers (90-72) clinched the 2023 championship with a stellar postseason road record, cementing their place in baseball history. From April’s first pitch to the postseason’s climax, the Rangers navigated challenges with talent and resilience.

Led by a seasoned coaching staff and key player brilliance, they emerged as a dominant force in the regular season and October. The Rangers 90-72 record not only signaled regular-season dominance but also set the stage for a remarkable postseason run. This championship victory underscores the Rangers’ dedication, teamwork, and pursuit of excellence. It stands as a memorable chapter in the franchise’s storied history, showcasing their relentless commitment to success.

In this in-depth review and preview piece, we will look back on the highs and lows of the 2023 Rangers season, while projecting the path forward for 2024 and beyond.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Rangers went 13-15 in Spring Training while getting many of their new players adjusted to the team. Texas went 1-0 in the regular season during March with an Opening Day win over the Philadelphia Phillies, 11-7.

April: Strong Start (16-11)

The Texas Rangers kicked off the 2023 season with authority, finishing April with a solid 16-11 record. Their performance showcased early-season dominance, both on the mound and at the plate. Key players, fueled by a combination of power hitting and precise pitching, set a promising tone for the campaign. The Rangers demonstrated resilience, securing wins in tightly contested matchups, laying the foundation for a competitive season ahead.

May: Sustaining Momentum (18-9)

May proved pivotal for the Rangers as they not only sustained but amplified their momentum, concluding the month with an impressive 18-9 record. The offense remained potent, consistently delivering clutch hits, while the pitching staff continued to stifle opponents. With key players in peak form, the Rangers solidified their position atop the standings, signaling their intent to contend for the championship. At the time, they had one of the best records in the league.

June: Navigating Challenges (14-13)

June brought challenges as the Rangers navigated a 14-13 record. Facing tougher opponents and enduring some close contests, the team displayed adaptability. While the month didn’t replicate earlier dominance, the Rangers showcased resilience, ensuring they remained a formidable force. Adjustments were made, and the roster’s depth was tested. Despite a slightly diminished win-loss record, the Rangers maintained their standing in the competitive landscape.

Down to the Last Day

July: Midseason Struggles (11-13)

July presented the Rangers with midseason struggles, resulting in an 11-13 record. The team faced a tougher stretch, grappling with a combination of injuries and formidable opponents. While offensive production remained consistent, the pitching staff encountered challenges. The month served as a testing ground, revealing areas for improvement and sparking discussions about potential midseason acquisitions. The Rangers aimed to address issues swiftly as they entered the critical months of the season.

August: Rebounding Strongly (15-12)

August witnessed a strong rebound for the Rangers, finishing the month with a 15-12 record. The team addressed midseason challenges, and key players like SS Corey Seager returned from injuries, injecting renewed energy. Both offense and pitching clicked, showcasing a well-rounded team. The Rangers strategically positioned themselves for the postseason push, making impactful moves as the trade deadline loomed. August marked a turning point, reigniting hopes for a deep playoff run.

September: Playoff Aspirations (15-13)

In September, the Rangers continued their pursuit of playoff aspirations, concluding the regular season with a 15-13 record. Key players elevated their performances, ensuring the team entered the postseason with confidence. The month served as a tune-up for October baseball, with the Rangers fine-tuning their strategies and solidifying their roster. As the regular season concluded, the Rangers had their sights set on championship glory, armed with a combination of talent, experience, and momentum.


The Rangers enter 2024 as the kings of baseball. After winning the World Series this season, all Texas can do to improve next year is repeat as champions, this time as winners of the AL West. Going back-to-back in baseball is damn near impossible, as it has yet to be done since the New York Yankees of the late 1990’s. However, doing so while taking the AL West from the Houston Astros would leave the baseball world in awe.

With Bruce Bochy at the helm, a manager known for playoff brilliance, anything is possible in Arlington. I fully expect a loaded Rangers roster to return to the postseason and even win the AL West. However, I am going to pick Houston to beat them in an ALCS rematch for the ages.

The Astros win a Game 7 in Arlington to get revenge on the Rangers and advance to yet another World Series? Why, you might ask?

These two teams headline a top-heavy American League, in which I fully expect the baseball gods to prevent a repeat pennant winner. Texas and Houston are as even as it gets, but this sport has a funny way of playing out sometimes.

Flip a coin between Texas and Houston, now flip it once more.

You just picked your AL West division winner and the pennant winner to advance to the World Series.

Prediction: Texas Rangers (97-65) lose in ALCS

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