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BSP 2023 Postseason Predictions

The 2019 World Series logo is boldly displayed along the third base line in Houston.

Back Sports Page writers make their complete predictions for the 2023 postseason of Major League Baseball. Who will win it all?

The 2023 MLB Postseason begins this afternoon, with all four Wild Card matchups starting throughout the day. After a thrilling regular season, it is safe to say some of our preseason picks did not come true. For now, the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers kick things off at 3 pm Eastern time. With the playoffs getting underway, a couple of our own writers are making their predictions for the entire postseason, not just the opening round. In an unpredictable 12-team field, we could see a slew of upsets or an unusually chalky October.

Wild Card Round

Nate Powalie: Rays over Rangers (2-0)

Ben Schneider: Rays over Rangers (2-0)

The format screws over Tampa by making them play this week despite the second-best record in the AL. Even so, it is tough to picture them losing two of three at home. Texas’s pitching staff is a mess right now with SP Max Scherzer hurt and the bullpen falling apart. An upset is certainly possible, but in that case the Rangers will need to win a couple slugfests.

Nate: Blue Jays over Twins (2-1)

Ben: Twins over Blue Jays (2-1)

As winners of the weakest division by default, most people aren’t giving the Twins much of a chance. Canada’s team of recognizable stars is certainly talented enough to win a short series and potentially make a run. But it would be a mistake to look past an excellent rotation in Minnesota.

Nate: Brewers over Diamondbacks (2-1)

Ben: Diamondbacks over Brewers (2-1)

Possibly the most even Wild Card series this postseason, we have a matchup of two lopsided teams in opposite ways. The Brewers are the most pitching-and-defense team in years, while the D-Backs bring a fun offense to the table. Milwaukee needs their pitching staff to show up in order to win, but SP Brandon Woodruff is out for this round. In a three-game series, Arizona can maximize their few good starters while the weak links don’t play.

Nate: Marlins over Phillies (2-0)

Ben: Phillies over Marlins (2-1)

Which version of the Marlins will show up in the playoffs? Will we see the relentless team that wins every close game, or a patchwork roster in over their heads? How well the Phillies hit will determine if we see some entertaining squeakers or forgettable blowouts.

Division Series

Nate: Orioles over Rays (3-1)

Ben: Orioles over Rays (3-2)

Unfortunately, the most interesting potential matchup can only happen in the ALDS. The Junior Circuit’s two best team have seen a lot of each other this year, with the O’s taking 8 of 13. Despite their youth, no one should be concerned about the Orioles being inexperienced since they have such a mature and level-headed group of guys. Both teams will platoon at every opportunity and have short leashes on the starters. This could be a long but eventful series.

Nate: Astros over Blue Jays (3-1)

Ben: Astros over Twins (3-0)

The most experience team is the reigning champs, and they match up well with either the Jays or Twins. Even with some cracks in the rotation, it is pretty hard to imagine Houston not advancing further in the postseason. Their opponents will need early offense to have a chance.

Nate: Brewers over Dodgers (3-2)

Ben: Dodgers over Diamondbacks: (3-1)

Regardless of who they face, the Dodgers will be heavy favorites. An upset could be in the cards, as LA carries a thin rotation to the playoffs. Even so, they bring a balanced lineup and lots of experience to the party. They have constantly proved they’re better than the sum of their parts, so the Brew Crew or Snakes face an uphill battle.

Nate: Braves over Marlins (3-0)

Ben: Braves over Phillies (3-1)

The mighty Braves will face a division rival in the NLDS, and they won the season series against both. The Phillies upset them last year, but this Atlanta team is deeper and more dangerous. They might just embarrass their opponents right out of the stadium.

Championship Series

Nate: Orioles over Astros (4-2)

Ben: Orioles over Astros (4-1)

The Birds will not be scared of the Astros. They can win in front of a revitalized Camden Yards crowd, and they have won their regular season series in Houston each of the past three years. DH Yordan Alvarez will have something to say about this, but the Orioles are well positioned for a World Series run.

Nate: Braves over Brewers (4-0)

Ben: Dodgers over Braves (4-3)

The Braves and Dodgers are clearly the two best teams in the Senior Circuit. They are both likely to dispatch any other NL team, whether that is earlier or here in the NLCS. A collision course would be a dramatic showdown between two recent World Series winners. In a longer series, the Braves and Dodgers will have to lean a bit more on their bullpens to pull out a victory. The Brewers would be thrilled to get this far.

World Series

Nate: Braves over Orioles (4-1)

Ben: Orioles over Dodgers (4-2)

This field is shaping up for a favorite to win the Fall Classic. The Braves are fully capable of riding their historically great offense to a title. If they don’t get that far, the Orioles can pounce and end a 40-year drought. The Dodgers, meanwhile, will need an unheralded pitcher to step up in order to win the whole thing.


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