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Colts New Uniforms Are A Bust!


Early Thursday morning the Colts released a new set of uniforms to be debuted this upcoming season. Named ‘Indiana Nights’, the new jerseys feature a streaky dark blue color with a glossy black helmet. 

Since announcing the new uniforms across various social media platforms, the Indianapolis franchise has been getting flamed. On social media, some people have been describing the new jerseys as “college uniforms” or as “high school uniforms.” However, the most obvious thing is how much they look like those of the Duke Blue Devils. Even Patriots star Matthew Judon commented on the topic on twitter tweeting, “Duke blue Colts.” 

More and more across football we are seeing teams don black uniforms with great popularity. Unfortunately for the Colts, their efforts sparked an opposite reaction. However, this was the Colt’s own doing. For a franchise who’s always been thought of having clean and simple uniforms, there was no need for them to role out a new set. Yet, they did so anyways and scored a massive dud. There hasn’t been word on how often this new set would be worn beyond their matchup versus the Cleveland Browns, but with the backlash surrounding them, I can’t imagine it would be often. 


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