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Could the Seattle Seahawks Make the Playoffs?


The Seattle Seahawks are now five and three. When the curtain went up on the 2022 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks were expected to be chasing first-round draft picks, not chasing a playoff berth. The world of sports is unpredictable, however, with plenty of twists and turns as teams fight their way through seasons. In the case of the Seahawks, their journey is turning out to be more promising than we thought. As expected, Seattle has had some ugly losses to the likes of the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. However, they also have some hugely impressive wins over teams like the star-studded Los Angeles Chargers and most recently the six and two New York football Giants (another surprise playoff contender this year). They even got a nice revenge win over the Denver Broncos (the team they traded their star quarterback to this year).  These wins over really good teams arguably say more about the Seahawks’ playoff chances this season than their record does alone. 

To the surprise of the whole NFL, the Seattle Seahawks are in first place in their division, the NFC West. Before the season the NFC West was expected to be pretty tough as it has been for the past few years, but the teams in it are underperforming. That is, except for the Seahawks. The question is can they sustain this for the rest of the regular season and win the division, thus making the playoffs? 

One of the fun stories in the NFL right now is Seattle quarterback Geno Smith. After ten years, Smith is playing great football which caught a lot of teams off guard up until now. In fact, it is hard to see why the Seahawks are winning games outside of the fact Geno is playing smart football. Neither their offense or defense is ranked very high in any major statistical categories. Smith is making the plays that count when he needs to. He will have to continue to play that way (or perhaps even better) if they want to make the playoffs. 

It is unlikely the Los Angeles Rams or the San Francisco 49ers will continue to play as poorly as they have so far. It will also be difficult to get a wildcard playoff spot as the NFC East, for instance, alone has three of the best records in the NFL. Still, as it stands, the Seattle Seahawks are winning the NFC West halfway through the season. This gives them a pretty good chance of making the playoffs. If so, Seahawks fans would lose their minds, especially after all hope seemed lost for the team after they traded Russell Wilson this past off-season. The Seattle Seahawks should be a fun team to follow for the rest of this NFL year. 

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