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Dameon Pierce Is Beastmode 2.0

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Dameon Pierce was drafted by the Houston Texans in the fourth round this past draft. He has been absolutely stellar since joining Houston, being high in every rushing statistic so far. To say that he has impressed is an understatement, Dameon has a bright future ahead. His future is so bright, that he kind of reminds me of Marshawn Lynch, AKA Beastmode.

Dameon’s Running Style

If you have tuned into Texans games, which is a big if, you will see that he breaks every tackle. Dameon had a play where he broke at least 6 tackles on his way to the 2-yard line. Dameon leads the league in broken tackles with 22. Yes, 22. He has been absolutely unstoppable and is a complete try-hard on the football field, not letting anybody take him down. Pierce is tied for fourth in yards after contact, showing how his strong running style is leading to more yards. Marshawn is the last guy I have seen that has broken so many tackles in singular plays, see Beastquake 1 and 2. As a rookie, nobody expects a running back to come out and play like one of the best running backs in this century right out of the gate, but that is exactly what we are witnessing.

Watching Dameon run is very scary if you’re a defender of course. As for the fans? His rushes are very fun to watch. Having 22 broken tackles just a little over halfway through the year is insane. His body control when a defender is on him is uncanny, especially for a rookie. Pierce rushes for 86 of the 101 yards per game for Houston, he is literally their only source of offense. His tackle-breaking ability reminds me way too much of Lynch. Lynch is the best at breaking tackles and running through people in the past decade. Yes, I know Derrick Henry exists but Marshawn really was that guy. If Pierce can stay healthy this year and in the future, nobody in the league will run as powerful and hard as he does.


He clearly has all the talent in the world. In a great rookie running back class, Pierce could easily win offensive rookie of the year. He has carried a terrible Texans offense to points at times, we all know it is not Davis Mills.  Yes, there is Kenneth Walker as well, I think Pierce has been better since he was given a much worse situation. His ability to simply carry defenders on his back to drive the team down the field is unmatched in the league today. Since Dameon has been impressing us all, I think it is safe to say he has a bright future ahead. I have only seen that kind of ability from Beastmode himself. He runs exactly like him and I think that in the future we will be calling him Beastmode 2.0.

Pierce will help bring back the power runner, which has not been as prominent in the past five years. Teams look for dual-threat backs since it is a passing league. However, players like Pierce are more valuable than you may think.

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