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Josh Hart Come Back?

Knicks Josh Hart

Declined Player Option

New York Knicks guard/forward Josh Hart has declined his player option. If he accepted his player option, he would have been under contract for one year worth $12.96 million dollars.

Knicks Tenure

Since being acquired by the Knicks before the trade deadline, he has been a spark plug for the Knicks off the bench bringing physicality and energy always hustling for loose balls and not afraid to go to the ground. In just 25 games with the Knicks, he averaged 10.2 points per game, seven rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.4 steals. He also shot career highs both from the field and three-point at 58.6% and 51.9% respectively.

Playoffs Tenure

Hart in 11 playoff games averaged 10.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 0.8 steals a game. His arguably worst games of the playoffs in Game 5 against the Cleveland Cavaliers and games 4 and 5 against the Miami Heat.

Josh Hart? Come Back or Walk?

Despite declining his player option, all options point to Hart re-signing with the Knicks. Back in March he said, “I want bigger things for my wife and myself. Just find a home somewhere where we are valued and really like living there. And I think that can be New York. I would love for it to be New York and hopefully the organization feels the same way. Coming up, this contract is hopefully my biggest one, one where I’m making sure my family’s fully taken care of. So, I’ve also got to take that into account, too.”

Based off those comments it looks like Hart is looking for two things which are a raise and to stay in New York. He most definitely earned a raise based off his regular season and playoff performance. However, the raise will most likely be minimal. He should expect anywhere from the $15-$17 million dollar range a year.

The Knicks need to re-sign Hart. At just 28 years old, Hart could get three years for $48 million. That allows Hart the ability to stay in New York and feel valued and the ability to take care of his wife and newborn kids.

The Knicks already have money to spend and will have more to spend once they drop the contracts of Evan Fournier and Derrick Rose.

What If Hart Walks?

The Knicks need to have a backup plan if Hart decides to walk. A perfect backup plan for Hart would be Bruce Brown.

Brown had a career high as well this past season with 11.5 points per game. Like Hart, Brown has a lot of tenacious energy and tremendous defensive upside.

An Eastern Conference executive said the Denver Nuggets are most likely not letting Brown go. However, he would be an ideal piece for the Knicks and head coach Tom Thibodeau would love him. The performance Brown had in the NBA Finals really carved up the Heat’s offensive play-calling, as he continuously gave Jimmy Butler, Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, and Caleb Martin fits up and down the court.


Brian Ramos is a contributor on Back Sports Page. Along with receiving his B.A. in Sports Communications, he has over a year of experience in the sports industry, and has interviewed a variety of people in the sports industry such as Bobby Portis, Don La Greca, Adam Schefter, and others. Ramos has a podcast on YouTube called Cut The Nets along with his co-host Jeremy Gretzer. You can find him on Instagram at @Brian.ramos0219 and Twitter at @brianramos0219.

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