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Knicks Need to Re-Sign Josh Hart

New York Knicks' Josh HartStats As A Knick

As a New York Knick, Josh Hart is averaging 10.9 points, 6.7 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.4 steals per game. With the Knicks, he is shooting lights out with a career-high field goal percentage of 59.5% and a career-high from three at 54.8%. Since making his team debut, the Knicks are 12-6, so he is most definitely contributing to winning.

What Hart Brings to the Knicks

In addition to scoring, ironically, Hart brings a lot of heart to this team. For anyone that watches Knicks game, he is constantly always around the ball and is very physical and brings tenacious energy as he dives for loose balls. He also is a great defender which is much needed for this team as Jalen Brunson and RJ Barrett are not great defenders. At just 6’5, he is also third on the team in rebounds with 6.7 per game behind big men Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson.

Knicks Need to Re-Sign Josh Hart

The Knicks need to re-sign Josh Hart. He is a great teammate on and off the court and continues to give it his all each and every time he is on the court. He’s a pending unrestricted free agent and the Knicks should re-sign him in case he decides to explore other options. They gave up a first-round pick to acquire him and if they let him walk without re-signing him or a championship, then it was a waste of a trade and an asset.

How Much Should the Knicks Pay Him?

He will most likely ask for a raise of his $12.96 million dollar deal from this season. A more than reasonable contract for Hart is three years, $45 million. He gets his raise while being locked up until he is 31 years old.

Staying With His College Teammate

If Hart re-signs, he will continue to play basketball with his college teammate at Villanova in Brunson. The two won a National Championship together. The duo helped lead the Villanova Wildcats to a national championship against the North Carolina Tar Heels. Hopefully, they could win a NBA Championship together as well one day in New York.

Hart Wants to Stay

In an interview with Marc Spears, Hart admitted he loves the city of New York and this where he wants to raise his family as his wife Shannon is pregnant with twins, which would be their first children.

“I want bigger things for my wife and myself,” Hart said. Just find a home somewhere where we are valued and really like living there. And I think that can be New York. I would love for it to be New York and hopefully the organization feels the same way. Coming up, this contract is hop efully my biggest one, one where I’m making sure my family’s fully taken care of. So, I’ve also got to take that into account, too.”

Although there is no guarantee he will re-sign with New York, it seems like a move that would be good for both parties.

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