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JT Saga Is NOT Disappointing


After requesting a trade, Colts GM Jim Irsay quickly reported that they will not fulfill Jonathan Taylor’s request. 

It’s been an interesting week for the All-Pro RB as he began training camp on the PUP list, met with Irsay to discuss his future, and requested a trade the next day. It’s understandable why Taylor wants to be traded since he’s definitely not being compensated enough for his talents, but it’s also understandable why the Colts won’t trade him. 


Is a trade likely?

For starters, if you were in Irsay’s position, would you trade one of the best players on your team? Probably not, especially with a rookie QB under center. With Anthony Richardson battling to start, the Colts are going to need to rely heavily on their run game. 

Secondly, I don’t believe the Colts are fully committed to a rebuild. When you have players on your roster such as Michael Pittman Jr., Shaquille Leonard, DeForest Buckner, Kenny Moore II, and Quenton Nelson, it’s difficult to fully commit to starting over. Caught in-between a rebuild and not, the Colts have the players to produce success, but also rookies who need experience.

Lastly, compensation for Taylor won’t be enough for Irsay to move on. With how vocal Taylor’s been about getting paid and with him beginning training camp on the PUP list, especially with last season’s injury history and him failing his physical this summer, teams likely view him as a one year rental. Is it possible a team is willing to give up enough to acquire Taylor? Yes, but it isn’t likely. He’s a good back, but the current market dictates there isn’t a team willing to give up enough for him. 


Wrapping things up…

Chargers RB Austin Ekeler sought a trade earlier this summer, but was unable to find a suitor. I believe Taylor’s situation will end up similar to this. He’ll seek a trade, but won’t find a suitor resulting in him playing the season hoping to boost his stock. If this doesn’t happen, don’t be shocked if Taylor decides to bet on himself by sitting out the year to get healthy and let his stats speak for him as he goes into free agency next offseason. 


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