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Key Matchups for the Colts This Season

With the preseason finished, the NFL regular season is approaching very quickly. The anticipation is reaching a tipping point and many are excited to watch Anthony Richardson perform against starting-caliber players. The Colts are by no means expected to make the playoffs, but in their quest to, who are some key matchups to look towards? 


Colts vs. Jaguars, Open Thread - Stampede Blue

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Week 1 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

People might be expecting the Colts to come out firing week 1 but they surely aren’t expected to win versus their divisional foe. Although I’m not expecting them to win either, this Week 1 matchup will be very important in terms of what tone is set for the rest of the season. Again, I don’t know anyone picking the Colts in this matchup, but if they can play a clean game of football, whether they win or lose, it’ll indicate a step in the right direction. 


Colts Game Sunday: Colts vs Panthers, Odds, Prediction, Schedule, TV Channel and Live Stream for Preseason Opener

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Week 9 at Carolina Panthers

This game could end up being a crapshoot. Neither team is expected to do well this season which is exactly why it’s a game that must be highlighted. If the Colts are to do anything this year, they have to win the games they can and should be winning. Both teams have a solid defense, but I give the edge to the Colts given that the Panthers have a weaker offense. 


Colts' defense with another quality performance, late-game heroics in win over Raiders

Image: Indianapolis Colts

Week 16 at Atlanta Falcons & Week 17 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

These two games are in the dog days of the season. The Colts are fortunate to have their bye in Week 11, but the season’s length catches up to you eventually. The well-timed break will be nice, but it’s inevitable for teams to be at least a bit banged up by this time. Again, these are games that the Colts can win. Playing away in Atlanta won’t be easy, but neither will be playing the Raiders in Indianapolis. They can win these games but it’ll take simple and clean football to do so. 


Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans: 2019 Week Two Game Hub - Stampede Blue

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Every Non-Jaguars AFC South Opponent

As I previously explained, not many people are expecting the Jaguars to lose the division. Because of this, an emphasis must be placed on their games against the other AFC South teams. The AFC South, as a whole, isn’t a strong division. The Jaguars are good and the Titans have shown flashes, but so have the Colts. It won’t be easy, but the Colts are more than capable of winning four of their six divisional games. 


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