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Monday Night Football: Bills vs Titans

The Bills are coming off of a massive win. They put the beat down on the Chiefs and have been on an absolute roll since losing their season opener against the Steelers. The Titans bounced back from their loss to the Jets with a win against the Jaguars. Their receiving corps is getting healthier and it sounds like Julio Jones and A.J. Brown will be in action for this one. This should be a better game than expected.

The Offenses

The Bills offense has been rolling big time. Devin Singletary and Zack Moss are combining for over 100 yards per game. Josh Allen gets about 38 yards rushing a game himself, as well as throwing for 274 yards per game. They have just 4 turnovers on the year and get big plays. They check every box on offense. Rushing attack, aerial attack, efficiency, and explosiveness.

The Titans offense got A.J. Brown back last week, but he was not a big factor in the team’s win against Jacksonville. He caught 3 passes for 38 yards. As usual, it was Derrick Henry that carried the load on his back. He ran 29 times for 130 yards and not 1, not 2, but 3 rushing TD’s. The recipe for success always starts with Derrick Henry. If they can get the run game going early against Buffalo, and Julio returns to action, then the Titans should be able to hang in there against a red-hot Buffalo Bills team.

The Defenses

The Bills defense has been the best in the league in points against this year. They have been a very good defense against the run, too. Other than Mahomes running for 60+ yards last week, the Bills haven’t allowed a single player to rush for more than 45 yards against them. Something will have to give when they face off with Derrick Henry.

The Titans defense can be labeled as average, but even that might be a little generous through 5 weeks. They have 10 sacks which ranks 18th in the league. Mike Vrabel’s defense is 22nd in points against. The Titans will have to be able to get pressure on Josh Allen to win this game. A tough task against the Bills who have allowed just 5 sacks all season.

Three Keys to the Game


The Titans will have to win with scheme in this one. The defense lacks the talent to slow down the Bills, but if their scheme can just bother Josh Allen enough, they may be on the better side of this one.

Big Plays

Buffalo has had a lot of big plays this season and it has been a huge factor in what makes them so tough to defend. The Titans on the other hand, have struggled to make big plays, especially in the passing game. Brown is another week healthier, and Julio is returning this week. They need to make a few big plays in this game.

An Unstoppable Force Versus Immovable Object

Scott McDermott’s fantastic rush defense is going head-to-head with Derrick Henry and the Titans rushing attack. Something has to and will give. It may be the deciding-factor in who wins this game.


Titans win 34-31

I expect the Titans to be able to run on this defense despite how good they have been this year. That with the fact that Julio Jones returns from injury and A.J. Brown is another week healthier is a big deal. I expect this offense to be at the best its been all season. The Bills are due for a let-down game after a huge win in Kansas City. I think the Titans will control the clock and pull out a close one.

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