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Most Anticipated Dolphins Matchups in the 2023 Season

We are weeks away from watching the Dolphins first game of the season.. Every year there are games we get a little (or lot) more excited for than others. In that spirit I present the 5 matchups I am most looking forward to, and I’ll tell you why, (mostly its about fun).

The Dolphins have put together a team of extremely athletically talented individuals. They are expected to be Super Bowl contenders this year. We get to watch Jalen Ramsey work his magic into the team and wonder how Tua will fare this. All of it makes for a football season to look forward to.

#1 Los Angelas Chargers, September 10th

There really doesn’t need to be any other reason than it’s the first game. However, some state that the Chargers are the Dolphins’ greatest non AFC East rival, and I agree.  Non conference teams only play each other once every four years. Otherwise, they see one another in the Super Bowl if they get there.

This is going to be a fire cracker start to the 2023 season.

Image – The Dolphins Wire

#2 Denver Broncos, September 24th

This matchup comes with a history. Tyreek Hill and CB Patrick Surtain must be looking forward to this one as much as we are. In 2021, during his rookie year, Surtain did not give up a single yard in coverage to Hill. That was their one, and only, previous match up.

There is no way Hill isn’t planning to run all over Surtain in this game. Surtain is surely preparing to crush Hill. This game is going to be a war. 

Image – Denver Broncos


#3 Philadelphia Eagles, October 22nd

The Eagles are a rowdy good time. Some of the most passionate football fans out there. The energy is always high  in Philadelphia. Everything about this game is going to be exciting.

ESPN gave Philadelphia the the best secondary (DBs) distinction in their 2022 Shutdown Index. We are already at the edge of our seats when it comes to Tua Tagovailoa and his performance. This is going to be a pressurized game. Hopefully with explosive results and a win for Miami.

Image – The Phinsider

#4 Kansas City Chiefs, November 5th

There is nothing I don’t want to see here. Last year’s Super Bowl champions, and a game abroad in Frankfurt. We are here for all of it. It’s a super charged matchup. Miami has played Kansas City 31 times and have won 16 of those games, putting them exactly one ahead.

The Chiefs are champions and will come out hard, because that’s how they play and in order to tie the score. But because the Dolphins are Super Bowl hopefuls this year, they will want to prove they can dominate. It will be nothing but a good time watching the clash.

Image –

#5 Buffalo Bills, October 1st and January 6th or 7th (TBD)

It’s all about Jalen Ramsey and WR Stefon Diggs. Jalen, it’s time to shine! But this game goes beyond these 2 amazing players taking each other on. There is a strong argument for the Bills being the Dolphins’ AFC East greatest rival. Words like “arch enemy” get thrown around when mentioning these two teams together.

Image – Buffalo Rumblings


These are some of my most anticipated matchups.  The Dolphins have spent years building themselves into the sleek, athletic, Super Bowl contending team we now have. It’s going to be nothing but great football this year!

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