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NFL WEEK 4 PICKS: Cowboys Rebound

Here are my overall season stats to date, through Week 4 Thursday Night’s game. 

Week 1: 11-5, Week 2: 9-7, Week 3: 9-7, Week 4: 1-0: Overall: 30-19. You can check out my previous weeks’ articles here:

Detroit vs Green Bay

Got this one right on X. The Lions showed this week they have taken the next step. The defense has played very well in the last two games. Love and Ridder aren’t great by any means, but they were playing decently up until this point. Hopefully they continue to take everything week by week to win as many of these games as possible. 

Atlanta 16 Jacksonville 20

The Jaguars have not been right on the offensive side of the ball this year. Last week was as bad as it gets in losing to the Texans (spoiler, they always do). This week they are going up against a Falcons team also struggling on offense. The only difference is I don’t see a fix for Atlanta’s team anytime soon. Ridder seems very limited and the Jags should be able to contain this team. Lawrence will do just enough to get the W in London.

Miami 31 Buffalo 29

Miami’s offense is just rolling too much right now. Even in defeat last year, the Dolphins were very competitive with the Bills in Buffalo. Von Miller isn’t back yet so I think the Bills will be limited in stopping this team offensively. On defense I think the Bills can make things interesting. However, they still struggle to run the ball and I think that will ultimately be the downside for them in this game. Give me the phins! 

Denver 34 Chicago 28

One of the two battles of winless teams this week. After Week 4, unless there is a tie, there should be only 2 winless teams. In this matchup, I like the veteran coach and QB to win this one. The Bears are young and are an absolute mess. There’s some talent on Denver’s defense and I think they can make life difficult for Fields. 

Baltimore 10 Cleveland 19

Cleveland has quietly registered one of the best defenses in the league. The Ravens have a ton of injuries on offense, so the Browns dominance should continue. Whether the Browns have DW or DTR as their QB, I think they’ll do just enough offensively to win this game. 

Cincinnati 24 Tennessee 6

I’m getting the feeling that this’ll be a breakout game for the Bengals. Burrow is getting healthier and going up against a team with a poor secondary. The offense for Tennessee is terrible, so I don’t expect much on their end. Cincy gets back to .500 and gets their season back on track with a win.

LA Rams 17 Indianapolis 24

My first instinct was to pick the Rams here. However, they are coming off a tough Monday night defeat and beat up from that game. This might be a lost week for the Rams as they try to get healthy and get Kupp back for Week 5. Anthony Richardson is back and has been playing great, and I expect that to continue this week as well.

Tampa 9 New Orleans 23

I like the Saints big here. They are the more talented, and healthier team here. Tampa got off to a good start but their warts are starting to show. The defense is getting nicked up already and that is not good for them going forward. Mayfled hasn’t proven to be a quality, long term starter in this league and may be in for a long day vs this defense. Lastly, Kamara comes back to add another element to this Saints offense. I like this game for the Saints, regardless of Carr’s status. 

Washington 16 Philadelphia 19

The Commanders got dominated last week against Buffalo. I expect them to come out swinging in this game, especially since they won in Philadelphia last year. The Eagles are 3-0 but haven’t looked right all year. Washington keeps this close but Phlly pulls it out in the end with their defense. 

Minnesota 20 Carolina 13

The second of two battles this week between winless teams, and again I have the veteran road team pulling it out. The Panthers seem to be really good on defense but the offense is struggling mightily. Brian Flores has had his unit playing well this year, so I think the Panthers will have a hard time moving the ball. Cousins and the Vikings will do enough offensively. 

Pittsburgh 20 Houston 6

The Texans are coming off a big win vs the Jaguars last week, but they will come back down to earth in Week 4 vs the Steelers. Pittsburgh has played great defense this year and Houston really struggles along the offensive line. Watt has a huge day and the offense doesn’t have to do much to pull this one out. 

Las Vegas 24 LA Chargers 34

No Garappolo on Sunday I don’t think will have a lot of impact. Aiden O’Connell will play well and may even steal the job from Jimmy. However, they are playing a Chargers team that is just better than them right now. I expect a high scoring game but the Chargers have just too much fire power. 

New England 13 Dallas 27

I’ve been mulling over the upset here, but I just can’t do it. The Pats don’t have the offense to really pull this out. They are still trying to figure things out on the offensive line. I expect this defense to have a much better outing after getting embarrassed by the Cardinals. Good teams always come back to play well a week after getting embarrassed. I like Dallas big. 

Arizona 26 San Francisco 38

I actually think Arizona keeps this close in the first half before the 9ers pull away in the 2nd half. The Cards have been playing inspired football this year and Gannon, at least early on, seems to be altering the culter. With that said, they are light years behind SF talent wise and just don’t have enough to pull this one out yet. 

Kansas City 31 NY Jets 3

Blowout on Sunday night football should spell the end of the Zach Wilson Era in New York. The Chiefs have a great defense this year and offensively should make plays to blow this out early. That’ll give the NBC broadcast the entire second half to talk about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (ugh!)

Seattle 27 NY Giants 22

The Seahawks are getting some players back on defense that should make this team better. Geno is coming back to New York so you know he’s going to be motivated to win this game. I think this team got a wake up call week one and is now locked in on each and every game. Go ‘hawks! 

And there you have it, Week 4 picks are in the books. 

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