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Something Needs to Change

Chargers fans don’t deserve this and neither do their players. After an excellent season as the defensive coordinator for the Rams, the Chargers brought him in to be their next head coach. A defensive minded coach, Staley was thought to be the guy who could solidify the run defense while also being innovative in all phases of the game. Praised for the trust he has in his players and the trust his players have in him, the facts are he hasn’t been able to get the job done. 

Each year, things slightly improved for the first time HC with him finally making the playoffs last season. However, after a hot start to the game, the Bolts had a forgettable second half resulting in many calling for him to be let go. Once again, after an abysmal beginning to the year, Staley is on the hot seat. The Chargers have dealt with injuries, but this isn’t an excuse anymore. Something within Staley needs to change. There’s still a lot of football left, but whether it’s a change of personnel, a scheme adjustment, or being better at making second half adjustments, things need to improve or he could be looking for a job elsewhere.


A Hypothetical Situation, A Change at Head Coach?

Let’s hypothetically say that the Chargers elect to move on from Staley after this year. What kind of coach will they be looking for? There’s been rumors about the Chargers going after Bill Belichick should the Patriots move on from him, but I don’t think this would be smart. Bill’s one of the greatest head coaches of all time, but his reluctancy the past few years to adapt with the game is causing great stress amongst the Patriot’s fanbase. Instead, I think the Chargers would look to stay with a younger head coach or at least someone who resembles this faster pace of football we are seeing. So, who are some names to keep an eye on? 


Offensive-Minded Coaches

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson among 'young NFL coaches to watch' - Pride Of Detroit

Image: Pride of Detroit

Ben Johnson: Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions

Under Dan Campbell, Johnson has exploded onto the football scene. Credited with revitalizing Jared Goff’s career, he’s only ran with it this year. So far the Lions are atop their division and are one of the most feared teams in the NFL. Johnson interviewed for HC positionings in the NFL last cycle but chose to stay in Detroit. Despite his current success in Detroit, we could see him making the switch to HC should the opportunity be enticing enough. 


Chargers News: Kellen Moore Breaks Down Justin Herbert's Offseason Shoulder Rehab - Sports Illustrated Los Angeles Chargers News, Analysis and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

Kellen Moore: Offensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Chargers

The difference between the Charger’s offensive this year and last year is significant. Kellen Moore has been able to sustain success with the unit without key pieces such as Corey Linsley, Austin Ekeler, and Mike Williams. The offense does need to become more well rounded and dominate all four quarters instead of just the first half, but the jumps that’ve been made are noticeable. He’s liked by the players, so why not promote from within? If the Chargers don’t, they could be looking for a new HC and OC this offseason. 


He won't be Dolphins' best-kept secret much longer. Frank Smith will soon be an NFL head coach - The Athletic

Image: The Athletic

Frank Smith: Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins’s offense last year was good, but this year they’re great. Words don’t do justice explaining how good Miami’s offense is this year. He may not be the mastermind behind their success, but why not go for the mastermind’s right hand man? Although he may be a behind the scenes figure, Smith should still be credited for the success of their offensive line and how they deploy their running backs. 


New OC Shane Waldron Talks Tempo, Calling Plays & More After First Week Of Seahawks Training Camp

Image: Seattle Seahawks

Shane Waldron: Offensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

An assistant in Los Angeles under Sean McVay, Waldron falls under the ever-branching tree that connects to Sean McVay, Kyle Shanahan, and others. Additionally, he’s already familiar with the imposing presence of the LA environment. Going to Seattle, many didn’t think much of the franchise. However, Shane helped flip the script by resurging Geno Smith’s career and bringing prominence to the club. There may have been struggles for the team this season, which is why he probably wouldn’t be the Chargers’s first choice, but he wouldn’t be the worst choice. 


Defensive-Minded Coaches

Mike Macdonald Officially Hired By Michigan as Defensive Coordinator

Image: Baltimore Ravens

Mike MacDonald: Defensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens

At 36 years old, McDonald is one of the youngest coaches available. Being with the Ravens throughout the 2010s, McDonald is very familiar with the culture of the NFL and understands how important it is to adjust; as seen with the Ravens offense shifting to accommodate Joe Flacco then Lamar Jackson. His current title with Baltimore is his first major coaching role so far, a position he’s only held for a couple of years. But the success and experience he has is undeniable. 


Cardinals to interview Lou Anarumo, Mike Kafka a 2nd time, reports say

Image: Arizona Sports

Lou Anarumo: Defensive Coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals

He’s not who you think of when asked about a young head coach, but his defensive scheme puts pressure on opposing offenses. Thinking about the Bengals, many think about their high powered offense with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. Yet, we can’t forget about their defense. Many people say offenses win games but defenses win championships. The Chargers’s defense is more star studded than the Bengals and  it’d be interesting to see what Anarumo could do with it. 


Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris helps save 3-year-old from drowning in pool | Fox News

Image: Fox News

Raheem Morris: Defensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Rams

You might be thinking, LA’s already made the mistake of bringing a Rams DC, why would they do it again? Well, Morris is different. Prior to the Arthur Smith hiring in Atlanta, I thought the franchise would’ve been wise to retain Morris. The before and after picture in Atlanta when Morris took over was clear. Still, the Falcons decided to go with Smith which could be beneficial to the Chargers. The Rams are a team that’re thought of for All-Pro receiver Cooper Kupp and emerging rookie Puka Nacua. However, Morris has done monumental things with a defense that is said to “only have Aaron Donald.”


Jerod Mayo says Patriots' defense must get faster, and he'll be back to help coach it up - The Boston Globe

Image: The Boston Globe

Jerod Mayo: Linebacker Coach, New England Patriots

Since Josh McDaniels left to be the HC of the Raiders, Mayo has been thought to be Belichick’s successor, and he should be should he not go elsewhere. A player not too long ago, Mayo could be the perfect guy to balance the old with the new. He understands how fast paced the game currently is but is also good at instilling Belichick’s “Patriot Way.” 


Minnesota Vikings offense challenged by 'Brian Flores Experience' - ESPN - Minnesota Vikings Blog- ESPN

Image: ESPN

Brian Flores: Defensive Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota’s failures this season may cast doubt over the hiring of Flores but this would be wrong. After a very successful tenure in New England, Flores sustained this success in Miami before he was surprisingly let go. Since then, Flores has gone on to further develop under Mike Tomlin and now under Kevin O’Connell. Flores might not be offensively minded like O’Connell, but his defensive resume and experience under an innovative offensive mind could serve another franchise well. 


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