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Top Ten NFL Offensive Lineman in Free Agency

The 2024 NFL Free Agency period is already underway! Several of the top offensive linemen (Mitch Morse, Robert Hunt) have already been signed. Here are ten top linemen who have just signed with their new teams and those who are still looking for their new teams.

#10: Andrus Peat – Tackle

Andrus Peat has been playing for a while. In his nine years in the league, all with the Saints, Peat has been solid; playing at tackle and guard. Although he’s struggled with inconsistency at times, once he gets his hands on defenders there’s not much they can do against him. Peat has the resume, with three Pro Bowls, and he’s got the stats too. In 2023 he played sixteen games and only allowed two sacks. At thirty years old, Peat’s got plenty of gas in the tank. He’d make a solid addition to a team that’s looking to add some depth to their offensive line.

#9: Jonah Jackson – Guard (signed with LA Rams)

When you watch the tape of Jonah Jackson, nine times out of ten the defender rushing him ends up on the ground; that’s how strong he is. He bullies the opposing defense in passing downs and flattens them in running playblocks down the field. Playing almost eight hundred snaps for the Detroit Lions last season, Jackson was a blockade at the left guard position; allowing only two sacks in twelve games played. At just twenty-seven years old, the best for Jackson might still be yet to come.

#8: Connor Williams – Center

Connor Williams has great technique with his hands and is strong at the point of attack. He’s able to travel with defenders and give his quarterback those precious extra seconds that are so crucial during a game. He’s still a young player and has a lot of playing time and value left. Although last season was marred by a season-ending ACL injury, Williams only allowed one sack in the nine games he played. That’s pretty darn good in my book.

#7: Jon Runyan – Guard (signed with NY Giants)

Jon Runyan is about as consistent as they come. He played every game last season for Green Bay and has already had two seasons with over a thousand snaps played. He’s only played four years! Runyan is a bully and when he gets his hands on defenders, he just doesn’t let go. He allowed only two sacks in 2023 playing at left guard. Although he flies under the radar most of the time, anyone would be glad to see this lineman’s name on their team’s roster.

#6: Kevin Zeitler – Guard

Does Kevin Zeitler age? Drafted in the first round of the 2012 draft by the Bengals, Zeitler has played for four NFL teams since then (Bengals, Browns, Giants, and Ravens). He’s played twelve or more games in every one of his NFL seasons and has no “drop-off” in sight. Zeitler is quick with his hands, and with just two sacks allowed in 2023, not much gets past him. He just keeps cranking out one stellar season after the other, and he doesn’t show any signs of breaking that streak any time soon.

#5: Jermaine Eluemunor – Tackle (signed with NY Giants)

A Brit in the NFL? That’s right, Jermaine Eluemunor is British, but he has made a name for himself in American football. He played all seventeen games for the Raiders last year at right tackle and did a nice job. Eluemunor is long and uses that as leverage to keep defenders away. Although sacks were a trouble spot for him last year, allowing six, he’s still a viable lineman and is a steady spot on the offensive line.

 #4: Trent Brown – Tackle

At 6’8″ and weighing 370lbs, Trent Brown is a monster of a man. Playing mainly at left tackle, he’s made a good living using his quickness to travel with defenders and keep them contained. He plays a clean game as well. In the eleven games played for the Patriots last season, Brown had only two penalties. Good, right? Having a lineman who can competently protect your quarterback’s blindside is always a top priority. With eight years of NFL playing experience under his belt, Trent Brown is that guy.

#3: Jonah Williams – Tackle

Nobody does their job better than Jonah Williams. In his four years playing for the Bengals, he’s kept the left side of the line clean as crystal. Williams is a technician with his hands and reacts with lightning speed to the changes in rushes by defenders. He played over a thousand snaps last season and didn’t miss a game. Williams is also a force in the running game, routinely tossing defenders aside like ragdolls. Now that is the kind of lineman you want.

#2: John Simpson – Guard (signed with NY Jets)

John Simpson is a violent man. When you watch his tape, the first thing that jumps off is how he is able to bull right through defenders. Simpson is insanely strong and most often carries his blocks all the way to the ground. He played over eleven hundred snaps of hard-nosed football in seventeen games for the Ravens last year and allowed only a single sack. Simpson is a true ‘in the trenches’ lineman, and he usually comes out on top.

#1: Tyron Smith – Tackle

Anyone who watches football and pays attention to the finer aspects of the game knows Tyron Smith‘s name. He’s an 8x Pro-Bowler and a 2x First Team All-Pro. Game after game, season after season, Smith is an ever-present force in the world of the offensive lineman. His technique and approach to the game are nearly flawless. Once he lays hands on a defender, it’s over. There’s just no getting past him. He’s extremely efficient in pass blocking and always keeps that left side clean. Smith has played twelve years, and each season is better than the last.


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