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NL East Review and Preview: The Philadelphia Phillies

Trea Turner runs the bases for the Philadelphia Phillies on the road against the New York Mets.

The Phillies had another strong year with a deep postseason and expect similar results in 2024 with a similar roster.

In the rollercoaster ride that defined the 2023 Philadelphia Phillies (90-72), triumph and heartbreak unfolded on the diamond. Finishing the regular season with a commendable 90-72 record, the Phillies clinched a playoff berth, setting the stage for a postseason marked by exhilarating victories and a bitter taste of defeat.

The Phillies showcased resilience in the postseason, first overcoming the Miami Marlins and then dethroning the formidable Atlanta Braves in series victories. Despite entering the NLCS against the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 3-2 series lead and home-field advantage, the Phillies faltered in the final stretch, ultimately choking in their quest for a World Series appearance.

The NLCS unraveling echoed a tale of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential, leaving the Phillies with a blend of pride for the season’s accomplishments and the lingering sting of bitter postseason disappointment.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Phillies compiled a 16-15 record across Spring Training, which saw the team regroup after a thrilling ride in 2022. Philadelphia opened the season with a loss on Opening Day to the Texas Rangers to post an 0-1 record in the month of March.

April: A Solid Start (15-13)

The Philadelphia Phillies embarked on the 2023 season with a solid start, finishing April with a 15-13 record. The team showcased early-season promise, balancing moments of brilliance with opportunities for improvement. Key players like OF Bryce Harper and C J.T. Realmuto set the tone for a competitive campaign, providing fans with optimism for the months ahead.

May: Midseason Hurdles (10-16)

May presented midseason hurdles for the Phillies as they navigated a 10-16 record. The team encountered challenges on both sides of the ball, grappling with inconsistencies and a string of tough matchups. Despite the setbacks, flashes of individual brilliance offered glimpses of potential, prompting the Phillies to address areas of concern as they approached the critical summer months.

June: Summer Brilliance (18-8)

June witnessed the Phillies returning to brilliance, concluding the month with an outstanding 18-8 record. The team hit its stride, benefiting from standout performances and a series of impactful victories. The offense exploded, and the pitching staff showcased consistency. June marked a turning point, solidifying the Phillies’ position as contenders and raising hopes for a postseason run.

Crossing the Finish Line

July: Holding Ground (14-11)

July saw the Phillies holding their ground, finishing with a 14-11 record. The team faced formidable opponents, but key players stepped up, ensuring the Phillies remained competitive. The month served as a crucial period for the team to maintain momentum, reinforcing their playoff aspirations and strategic positioning in a competitive National League landscape.

August: August Excellence (17-10)

August proved to be a month of excellence for the Phillies, concluding with a stellar 17-10 record. The team demonstrated both offensive firepower and pitching prowess, securing crucial series victories against fellow playoff contenders. As the trade deadline loomed, strategic moves bolstered the roster, strengthening the Phillies’ resolve as they entered the final stretch of the regular season.

September: Playoff Preparations (15-13)

In September, the Phillies focused on playoff preparations, finishing the regular season with a 15-13 record. Key players fine-tuned their performances, and the team faced both postseason-bound opponents and those eager to play spoiler. The Phillies secured a solid 90-72 record, clinching a playoff berth and positioning themselves for a postseason run filled with anticipation and high expectations.

As the Phillies reflect on their 2023 season, the journey unfolds as a tale of highs and lows, from a solid start in April to midseason hurdles in May. June marked a resurgence, with July holding ground and August defining excellence. September became a period of fine-tuning, setting the stage for a postseason that held both promise and, ultimately, heartbreak. The NLCS loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, after holding a 3-2 series lead with home-field advantage, serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of October baseball, leaving the Phillies and their devoted fanbase with a mix of pride for the regular-season achievements and the lingering sting of postseason disappointment.


Philadelphia finished 2023 with an improved record and more consistency than 2022, despite several key injuries to star players and a surprise slump out of SS Trea Turner. However, the postseason left fans still searching for past glory, as the Phillies failed to make it back to the World Series.

Overall, the season was largely a success, picking up playoff victories over the Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves en route to another NLCS appearance. Making the Fall Classic is easier said than done, as expressed by the challenges Atlanta and the Los Angeles Dodgers have faced in getting back to glory.

I see the 2023 season as a success for Philadelphia, even with the stunning collapse at home to Arizona.

For 2024 and beyond, the clock is ticking to capture a ring in Bryce Harper’s prime years.

Squandering a prime opportunity in getting past Atlanta may haunt this team down the road, but it can all be erased with one successful playoff push.

I do not see Philadelphia knocking out a well-oiled machine like Atlanta three years in a row and for that reason, I am going to say Harper finishes his career at Citizens Bank without hoisting the Commissioner’s Trophy.

The Phillies should give Atlanta more of a fight in the regular season if Turner returns to form, but don’t expect them to reach the NLCS for a third consecutive season.

Prediction: Philadelphia Phillies (94-68) lose in NLDS

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