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AL Central Review and Preview: The Minnesota Twins

Max Kepler celebrates hitting a home run on the road for the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins easily won the AL Central and a playoff series in 2023, and they enter the new year as the favorites once again.

The Minnesota Twins capped off a stellar 2023 season with an 87-75 record, clinching the AL Central title. With strategic plays, standout performances, and unwavering determination, the Twins showcased their resilience on the way to a well-deserved divisional championship.

Key players like 1B Alex Kirilloff and OF Max Kepler excelled under astute management, energizing Twins Territory and securing a coveted postseason berth. The 2023 campaign highlights the team’s prowess and sets the stage for promising playoff runs in years to come.

In this in-depth review and preview piece, we will look back on the highs and lows of the 2023 Twins season, while projecting the path forward for 2024 and beyond.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Minnesota Twins navigated a competitive Spring Training, concluding with a 14-15 record. As the team fine-tuned strategies and evaluated player performances, the preseason provided valuable insights and preparation for the challenges of the regular season. The Twins went 1-0 in the month of March with a 2-0 win over the Kansas City Royals on Opening Day.

April: Promising Showing (16-12)

In an April marked by resilience and precision, the Minnesota Twins surged to a commendable 16-12 record. Pitching prowess and timely hitting became the Twins’ bread and butter. The squad’s cohesion and strategic acumen emerged as key assets.

May: Early Adversity (12-15)

The Minnesota Twins faced a challenging May, concluding with a 12-15 record. This stretch posed hurdles, testing the team’s resolve. However, the setbacks offered valuable lessons and opportunities for recalibration.

June: Struggles Continue (12-15)

June brought another competitive chapter for the Minnesota Twins, concluding with a 12-15 record. Despite the familiar numerical outcome, the month unveiled nuances of growth and adaptation. The Twins, undeterred by the challenges, continued to refine their approach, harnessing the experiences of June to fortify their resolve.

Commanding Stretch Run

July: Incremental Improvement (13-11)

July marked a notable upswing for the Minnesota Twins, concluding with a 13-11 record. The month highlighted the team’s resilience and adaptability, as they navigated the midpoint of the season with strategic finesse. As Minnesota sustains this positive momentum, the Twins position themselves as formidable contenders in the American League.

August: Pulling Away (15-12)

A resurgent August saw the Minnesota Twins amass a 15-12 record, intensifying their pursuit of the division crown against the Cleveland Guardians. This commendable performance positioned the Twins as formidable contenders, narrowing the gap and setting the stage for a thrilling divisional race.

September: Comfortable Victory (18-9)

In a spectacular surge, the Minnesota Twins triumphed in September with an impressive 18-9 record, securing the AL Central title over Cleveland. They ended up winning the division with ease.


The Minnesota Twins orchestrated a remarkable second-half surge in the 2023 season, concluding with a resounding 87-75 record. The stands reverberated with excitement as fans witnessed their team’s triumph.

The Twin Cities embarked on a remarkable postseason journey in 2023, rewriting the narrative with each electrifying win. With an unforgettable surge, they shattered expectations and silenced doubters. Short, powerful bursts of talent illuminated their path.

Snapping an 18-game postseason losing streak became the catalyst for a historic turnaround. Each victory brought a jubilant eruption, a testament to resilience and newfound strength. The Twins, once burdened by the weight of past disappointments, emerged as postseason giants, conquering challenges with unwavering determination.

In this whirlwind of success, heroes emerged: clutch hitters, lockdown pitchers, and a team united by a singular goal. The short sentences echoed the thunderous roars from fans witnessing a revival. The energy in the ballpark, palpable and contagious, fueled the Twins’ momentum.

One win led to another, and the Twins carved a path deeper into October, leaving an indelible mark on postseason history. The short headlines mirrored the succinct dominance displayed on the field. The losing streak, a distant memory, gave way to a new narrative of triumph.

As the Twinkies navigated through each series, optimism radiated from players and fans alike. The taste of victory became sweeter with each passing game, a testament to their resilience and refusal to be defined by the past. In the annals of postseason lore, the Twins’ 2023 run stood out as a story of redemption, breaking free from the shackles of past defeats. The echoes of celebration reverberated far beyond the ballpark, resonating with fans who had endured the heartaches of previous years.

Ultimately, the Twins’ remarkable postseason run in 2023 transcended statistics and records.

2024 Predictions

Looking ahead to next year, I fully expect the Twins to remain in contention for the AL Central. I believe the division will come down to Minnesota and the Detroit Tigers, as I expect Cleveland and Chicago to take more steps back.

Minnesota has the coveted experience down the stretch, while the rebuilding Tigers possess a promising young core that has been stockpiled in talent for years.

The Twins battle Detroit for the duration of the 2024 season to represent the AL Central, as experience eventually wins out. Give me Minnesota in the final weeks of the regular season to reclaim the Central.

Minnesota has the potential to challenge AL East and AL West juggernauts for the pennant, but that doesn’t mean they are the favorite by any means.

I see another successful season for Minnesota, but not enough improvement to get into the Fall Classic. Remember, Minnesota sports teams are cursed, after all.

Prediction: Minnesota Twins (90-72) lose in ALDS

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