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The Three Time World Series Champion You’ve Never Heard Of

Despite having just 16 hits in parts of eight big league seasons, journeyman speedster Terrance Gore found his own way to the hardware.

2015 KC Royals

Terrance Gore made his 2015 regular season debut for the Royals on September 1st as a pinch runner, following an eighth inning, two out single off the bat of Salvador Perez. Gore would not have the opportunity to steal a base, and the inning would end just one batter later on a Mike Moustakas groundout to send the game to the ninth where he would be replaced defensively.

Gore would serve as a pinch hitter, pinch runner, and defensive replacement throughout the rest of the Royals regular season, never starting a single game. His contributions would tally 0-3, with one hit by pitch, one run scored, and three stolen bases in parts of nine games down the stretch.

The young speedster would make just two playoff appearances for the Royals in 2015, his first coming in game four of the ALDS against Houston, stealing second base before being gunned out in his attempt at third that same inning. His final appearance would come as a pinch runner in game six of the ALCS against Toronto, where he did not steal a base or score. He did not make a single appearance in the World Series, which the Royals won handily in five games.

World Series Rings Tally: 01

202o LA Dodgers

Five years later, Gore would take his talents to Los Angeles for the COVID shortened 60 game season. His season debut would come as a defensive replacement in the ninth inning of a July 24th matchup against San Fransisco. He would record zero putouts or assists.

His only other appearance of the 2020 season came five days later on July 29th in the Dodgers 4-2 victory over the Astros. Pinch running for AJ Pollock in the DH slot, Gore would not score a run or steal a base and was replaced by Edwin Rios the next time through the batting order.

Terrance Gore would not make another appearance for the Dodgers in 2020, neither in the regular season or the playoffs. The Dodgers would go on to win it all in the shortened season earning Gore his second World Series ring.

This ballplayer did not start a single game, step in the box for a single pitch, did not steal a base, did not touch the ball as a fielder, or even make an out on the basepaths, and still found his way into a World Series ring. If Terrance Gore had played the season without a bat, glove, on one leg, or blindfolded, his impact on the game would have been exactly the same.

World Series Rings Tally: 02

2021 ATL Braves

On November 2, 2020, Terrance Gore was granted Free Agency by the Dodgers and would remain unsigned until being scooped up on February 18th by the Atlanta Braves. He would not make a single appearance in the 2021 regular season – not as a pinch runner, defensive replacement or otherwise.

His one and only taste of MLB action would come in game two of the NLDS against Milwaukee, pinch running in the top of the seventh following a Joc Pederson single. Gore would survive two attempted pickoffs before a Jorge Soler pop up ended the inning and Gore’s season. For the second straight year the speedy outfielder would end his season without a stolen base, put out, or plate appearance to show for it.

Atlanta would go on to beat the Astros and win it all in 2021, securing Terrance Gore back-to-back World Series champion status and his third ring.

World Series Rings Tally: 03

Speed Kills

As of November 2023, Terrance Gore has amassed 16 hits, one run batted in, zero home runs, and 43 stolen bases in 112 games across nine* seasons. He has only recorded a hit in three of his nine seasons as a big leaguer, 14 of his 16 coming in 2019, and has only stolen more than six stolen bases in a season twice (11 and 13). He has never played in a World Series game, and somehow managed to win back-to-back World Series with two different teams without stepping in the batters box, stealing a base, or touching a baseball at all.

None of this is meant to discredit Terrance Gore at all. His terrifying speed clocked 30.1 feet per second as a rookie in 2014, which even today would put him tied for 11th fastest among all position players in 2023. While he undoubtedly has lost a step since his age 23 season, now almost a decade ago, his speed made him a lethal weapon on the basepaths – good for 43 SB in 52 attempts.

With a whole lot of luck and even more speed, Terrance Gore managed to climb baseball’s tallest peak three impossible times – and he did it his way.

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