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Avery Moss Talks Giants Injury Recovery, Revamped Defense And Much More!!

Giants second year linebacker Avery Moss Spoke with Randy Zellea of Back Sports Page at Training Camp this past week.

The former 5th round pick discusses being in his second training camp,injury recovery from his hip and shoulder, what he feels he can improve on, the new revamped defense and much more!

Brief Interview Highlights (listen to full audio for expanded quotes):

Being in his Second Training Camp: “A little easier the second time around. Helps being having more of a handle of the defense. I don’s have it fully but I am getting it.”

New Revamped Defense: “I want to help the new guys out because I remember what it was like last season trying to learn so I want them to not have all of the same issues I had last season”

Recovering from the Hip Injury: “It was surprising for me because when i had my shoulder surgery i thought the recovery was easier for me. The hip was much more difficult for me to recover from. ”

Being in NY vs LA: “We got buildings in LA but its crazy on how active it is out here they have everything at your finger tips.

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