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Fighter Highlight: Bellator Champion, Patchy Mix

Many people haven’t heard of Patchy Mix before, and I don’t blame you. He fights in Bellator, recently bought by the PFL. When people hear Bellator, they think B team, not good enough to compete in the UFC. However, that’s not the case when it comes to Patchy Mix.

Patchy Mix, image – MMA Fighting

Patchy “No Love” Mix ran through the three best bantamweights in Bellator in under a year. Submitting Magomed Magomedov, who has never been finished. Patchy also KO’D Raufron Stots, who was 7-0. Most recently, he submitted ex-UFC fighter Sergio Pettis in the second round. Winning the Bellator championship with such ease has helped Patchy’s case to be recognized as one of the best bantamweights in the world. 

Patchy Mix. [via Instagram @patchymix]

Patchy Mix, image – SportsKeeda

Of his 19 career wins, 15 have been by-finish, with 13 coming by submission. Patchy is a force to be reckoned with inside the octagon, with an aggressive fighting style that allows him to quickly gain control of the fight. His ability to read his opponents and quickly adapt to their fighting style sets him apart. He always keeps his opponents on their back foot, making it difficult for them to do anything offensively. Additionally, his grappling skills are top-notch, and he can quickly get a takedown and immediately work for submissions when he sees any type of opening. With the PFL buying out Bellator. It will now be interesting to see how much further he can dominate.

Patchy Mix at weigh-in. Image – MMA Junkie

How Would He Do In The UFC?

At 30 years old and currently ranked #19th as the best Bantamweight Fighter in the world, Patchy would immediately make a jump in the UFC rankings. I could even see him making the jump to a contender, as well as giving Sean O Malley a hard time. However, he recently signed a multi-year deal with Bellator. This is unfortunate because seeing him in the UFC would be a treat. However, if you ever see a fight announcement for Patchy on social media, make sure you catch his fight. I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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