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Sting To Retire In 2024

The wrestling world was shocked on Wednesday night when Sting came out to announce that he was finishing up his career at AEW “Revolution” 2024. The same event he made his first match with the upstart promotion in 2021

The next question is who is his opponent going to be?

In my opinion, it has to be one man, his protégé Darby Allin. The reason why Darby is simple: the student becomes the teacher. 

We knew when Sting came to AEW back in 2020 he was going to be on borrowed time. When you are in your late 50s early 60s in this business, you start telling the stories about what you did, not what you’re going to do. Sting is no different.

When you look back at his legendary career, the great matches he had with the Great Muta,  Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Ravishing Rick Rude, Hulk Hogan, Vader and others, watching them gives you that great nostalgic feeling when you go back on the WWE network.

When arriving at AEW, people wondered what to think since he had already gone into the WWE Hall of Fame and retired with a neck injury after a match with Seth Rollins back in 2015 at Night of Champions.

Upon his return originally he was in cinematic matches against team Taz teaming with Darby as well as being very sporadic, and nobody expected him to be competing at the level he was at in AEW. Finding a way to reinvent himself at every turn, only something a great person can do.

Like Ric Flair did for Sting back at the Clash of Champions back in 1988  Derby is going to get the torch passed to him from sting.

I remember being eight years old, watching Sting battle Ric Flair at the Great American Bash 90 through all his world title wins, his career in impact wrestling of course his short WWE run and enjoyable run with AEW. Sting defied the odds and did the ending on his terms.

Some might ask again why Darby Allin? Because it’s the perfect fit as Sting has been a mentor for Darby. Their careers are similar, Darby just needs to win the big one and Sting is the guy to help do it..

If this announcement would’ve come a few months ago, I thought the standoff he had with MJF from the center of the ring would have generated a lot of intriguing interest. Seeing Sting get one more world title match would’ve been a classic, especially with a guy like MJF. Both  would’ve found a way to make it work. The promos that MJF could’ve cut on sting would’ve been classic..

Sting, being on the other side of 60, should not be challenging for the World Heavyweight championship, that’s just pure fact.

In fact, there may not be some stars in a double deck who should be over the age of 40 competing right now Sting has found a way to make it work. Steve Bordan’s retirement is well warranted because at his age still being able to perform at the level he has been is nothing short of breathtaking and amazing.

Tune into Wednesday’s Dynamite on TBS to see how Sting’s story concludes..

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