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The Yankees Gave Away Brett Gardner’s Locker

New York Yankees has finally given away Brett Gardner’s locker to underperforming veteran Aaron Hick. He must step up this season.

The New York Yankees have finally moved on from Brett Gardner in exchange for veteran Aaron Hicks, who has been underperforming. All eyes will be on his performance. The Yankees already need a left fielder. According to reports, the Yankees have already replaced Brett Gardner’s locker for Spring Training in Tampa, Fla.

Years ago, Gardner was in the second spot, just across Aaron Judge, where he occupied the back right corner. During last season’s Spring Training, Brett Gardner’s locker was empty. The Yankees had high hopes that he would return to the team after 14 years of his career. But it is so unfortunate that Gardner won’t return for this season’s Spring Training since the Yankees decided to give out his spot to Aaron Hicks.

The news that the Yankees have parted ways with Brett Gardner will be received well. This is because he has been replaced by a fan favorite. Aaron Hicks would eject LaTroy Hawkins from the clubhouse if it was accessible to the general public.

Brett Gardner Cemented His Status as a Fan Favorite

There were understandable reasons why Brett Gardner was unable to return last season. Brett Gardner surely cemented his status as a fan favorite by turning down offers from other clubs in favor of waiting for an invitation from the Bronx. But already the moves had been made, and the only thing that is left for him is to retire. If he decides to retire, then the Yankees should ensure that they take the initiative to give his career a fitting end after acknowledging that they should have handled his departure better.

Gardner won’t get his jersey retired, and a Monument Park plaque is probably out of his price range. Yet he merits more than just the thunderous applause he will receive on Old Timer’s Day every summer for his unique role in club history as the link between the Core Four and Aaron Judge eras.

Brett Gardner has been with the Yankees for 14 seasons. He was an All-Star in 2015, won a Gold Glove in 2016, and won the World Series in 2009. In 140 games played in 2021, Gardner had a slash line of.222/.327/.362 with 10 home runs, 47 runs, 39 RBI, and four stolen bases.

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