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Dillon Danis Vs Logan Paul: Why? Pt. 2

The Distraction 

Celebrity boxing matches like Danis vs Paul are a distraction that unfortunately brings no joy. I understand much of what people do is a diversion from the unknown. I am not unlike anyone else trying to choose their distraction. This is a shared experience. All creatures try to dissuade themselves from staring into the void. Some collect Pokemon cards, some like to hike. Others like to enjoy nightlife. I like niche sports and death metal

Image – MMA Fighting

The Black Hole 

For every bright sun, there is a black hole, metaphorically speaking. The whole job can’t be watching the highest quality fights, sometimes I cover celebrity influencer boxing events. These fights are so dense that no light can escape them. It’s the fight game’s lowest common denominator. These fights are head trauma exchanged for YouTube clout. Remember, the Dillon Danis vs Jake Paul fight was so mind-numbingly dumb that Brandon Schaub accurately predicted the outcome

Watch Clowns And Expect A Circus

Logan Paul does his best work on the internet, not in the ring. He spends his time trying to find people to stand next to that will make him look cool by proxy. Danis, on the other hand, doesn’t do his best work anywhere.                                                                                                                                                                          Image – Sky Sports

The notable parts of the fight didn’t even include the fighters themselves. The only real action was when Danis jumped a guillotine and then fell on his butt. Paul then took a cheap shot at Danis on the ground and the resulting melee ended in Danis’s disqualification. For those curious, here is a better angle of the entire match.

Celebrity Influencer Boxing has come of age in a way where the promotion is all that matters. It blends the worst parts of celebrity culture and fight sports. I’ve seen more skill displayed in world star videos. The Paul brother’s fights are genuinely the dollar menu of combat sports. However, by contrast, they make circus clowns seem authentic and fun. My only hope is that the next time a retired MMA fighter (of which I consider Danis to be as his last real fight was in 2019) is offered a fight with either Paul brother, they will take the more dignified route to making money and beg for change along a highway. 

                   Image – USA Today


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