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If It’s Broke…Fix It!

If it’s not one thing for the Chargers, it’s surely going to be another. The Chargers could’ve gone a number of ways in the 2023 NFL Draft but they chose to add to their offensive weaponry with Quentin Johnston. Through nine weeks this season, Johnston hasn’t been as advertised throughout the summer. There’s been numerous reports that the Chargers don’t want to rush his development and are bringing him along slowly, but how slow are they bringing him? It’s understandable why they want to do so, but at some point fingers need to point to Johnston. Coming out of TCU, he was labeled more as an athletic specimen than a WR. But, as a first rounder, expectations are rightfully going to be high. With Mike Williams out for the remainder of the season and Joshua Palmer on IR, they can’t rely on Keenan Allen to do everything.

Against the Jets the Chargers offense stalled. The Jets have a top ranked defense that gave the offensive line troubles but it didn’t help that the WRs couldn’t get open. There were brief moments when the offense got into a rhythm, but against top teams, last night’s play was unacceptable.

Big props to the defense and special teams for stepping up big time!!


Chargers-Jets takeaways: Rookie Derius Davis provides a jolt with punt return TD

Image: Yahoo Sports

Speed Kills, Until It Doesn’t

To the surprise of many, Derius Davis has had a much bigger impact on the offense than his TCU teammate. An excellent return man, Davis has seized his opportunity sharing an increased workload in Kellen Moore’s offense. Davis has been used on sweeps, screens, and short routes which has greatly opened the run and passing games. Still, the offense needs more. Joshua Palmer has done a good job filling the WR2 role, but he’s now on IR which prompted Jalen Guyton’s recall. A speedster himself, Guyton is good at taking the tops off defenses, but what the Chargers need are precise route runners and big bodied wideouts. Although it’s possible that Guyton’s speed could be a ploy to open the field for Johnston, I don’t believe it’s a long-term fix. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, the Chargers need more. 


Report: Martavis Bryant to work out for Cowboys - NBC Sports

Image: NBC Sports

How About Someone Who Hasn’t Played Since 2018?

2018 was the last time Martavis Bryant played NFL football. Recently reinstated by Roger Goodell, Bryant is already drawing interest from teams around the league. Since 2018, Bryant has been training for a comeback and even played in the XFL last summer. His time away from the NFL may raise some doubts, but the 6’4” 210lbs WR’s history as a big play threat could cause teams to look past this. If the Bolts wish to make a deep postseason run, Tom Telesco needs to take a good look at Bryant as a possible fix to a broken WR unit.


Packers head coach explains why Sammy Watkins was released | The Clemson Insider

Image: The Clemson Insider

Are There Other Options?

In a previous article of mine, I detailed the in-house and out-of-house options the Bolts have at WR. For an out-of-house option, Kenny Golladay was one player I mentioned. If the Chargers miss out on Bryant, Golladay is still a viable option to fix things. He may not have the big play history Bryant has, but his 6’4 214lbs frame will do more than attract defenses. With how the LA WRs are dropping like flies, the addition of Golladay would be a low risk-high reward move. 

Why not have a hometown reunion by bringing in Marvin Jones Jr? Born in LA, Marvin Jones went up north to Cal for college before playing for the Bengals, Lions, and Jaguars. Although his play was extremely limited last year, there could still be potential with the 33 year old veteran. At 6’2” 199lbs, the former 1000-yard receiver could be an underrated move by the end of the season. 

Recently having worked out for the Indianapolis Colts, there’s still a market for Sammy Watkins. Despite having an underwhelming career for a first round pick, there’s still a calling for his services. At 6’1” 211lbs, the former 1000-yard receiver has an immense wealth of experience having been coached by Andy Reid, John Harbaugh, Sean McVay, and Matt LaFleur. Some may only see him as a bust, but if other teams are interested in him, why shouldn’t the Chargers? Sammy Watkins could be a player that does more than fix the offense. He has the potential to excel in it.


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