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NL West Review and Preview: The Los Angeles Dodgers

Freddie Freeman celebrates hitting a home run during a road game for the LA Dodgers.

The Dodgers have entered a familiar pattern where they win 100 games during the regular season and then lose in the playoffs.

In the unfolding narrative of the Los Angeles Dodgers 2023 MLB season, the journey began with a slow start, gradually evolving into a compelling saga marked by resilience and dominance. Transitioning from the offseason to Spring Training, the Dodgers faced early challenges in April, struggling to find their rhythm with a mix of pitching inconsistencies and offensive struggles.

May, June, July, and August became pivotal chapters as the Dodgers orchestrated a commendable return to form during the final stretch run. Sustained excellence characterized these months, with the team showcasing its mettle, reinforcing their perennial contender status. However, as the regular season concluded, the narrative took an unexpected twist.

In a shocking turn of events, the postseason witnessed the Dodgers facing a stunning choke job to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Despite overcoming earlier struggles, the playoff stumble underscored the unpredictable nature of baseball, leaving the Dodgers to grapple with the disappointment of falling short when it mattered most. The 2023 campaign, though marked by moments of brilliance, concluded with an unforeseen and bitter postseason exit for the Dodgers.

Month By Month

Spring Training and March

The Dodgers compiled a 14-13 record in Spring Training before splitting a pair of games in March at 1-1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, 2B Gavin Lux tore his ACL during a preseason game and had to miss the whole season.

April: A Tentative Start (15-12)

In April, the Los Angeles Dodgers embarked on the 2023 season with a tentative start, finishing the month with a 15-12 record. Transitioning from the offseason, they grappled with early challenges, hinting at the unpredictable journey ahead. Despite moments of brilliance, inconsistencies lingered, setting the stage for a team in search of its rhythm.

May: Finding Momentum (18-10)

As May dawned, the Dodgers found their stride, posting an impressive 18-10 record. The early-season uncertainties began to dissipate, replaced by a surge in momentum. The pitching staff tightened its grip, and 1B Freddie Freeman and the offense clicked into gear, showcasing a formidable balance that set the tone for a team returning to form.

June: Navigating the Ebb and Flow (12-12)

June unfolded as a month of ebb and flow for the Dodgers, who maintained a balanced 12-12 record. The journey saw glimpses of brilliance intertwined with challenges. Pitching inconsistencies and offensive surges coexisted, highlighting the team’s resilience amid the unpredictable rhythm of the regular season.

Breezy Second Half

July: Weathering Challenges (13-10)

Weathering the challenges of midsummer, July witnessed the Dodgers navigating with a 13-10 record. The pitching staff faced sporadic challenges, yet the offense showcased its prowess, ensuring a steady course through the peaks and valleys of the season.

August: A Dominant Stretch (24-5)

August emerged as a pivotal month for the Dodgers, where dominance defined their trajectory with a remarkable 24-5 record. The team hit its stride, with both pitching and hitting reaching peak performance. The stellar stretch solidified the Dodgers’ standing as not just contenders but formidable frontrunners heading into the postseason.

September: The Closing Chapter (16-12)

As the regular season waned in September, the Dodgers faced the closing chapter with a 16-12 record. The month encapsulated the challenges and triumphs, with the team gearing up for postseason aspirations. The journey had been marked by growth, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


The Dodgers took a while to get going in 2023 but managed to win the NL West division crown with ease. A 24-5 performance in the month of August wrapped up the division, as the Diamondbacks lingered for postseason play.

But in the NLDS, Los Angeles never showed up against Arizona, getting swept in just three games.

A team stacked with talent fell short in the spotlight once more, something all too familiar to Dodger fans.

Midway through the offseason, Los Angeles has landed SP/DH Shohei Ohtani and deferred much of his salary into the future. They also signed SP Yoshinobu Yamamoto and traded for SP Tyler Glasnow.

With the best player in baseball wearing Dodger blue, an already stacked roster gets its missing championship piece. Ohtani teams up with Freddie Freeman and 2B Mookie Betts to produce one of the deadliest lineups in baseball history.

2024 Outlook

What a group Los Angeles has assembled.

This team could set a record for regular season wins, shattering the marks in offensive production set by the Atlanta Braves just a season ago.

However, this is Los Angeles we are talking about. The Dodgers find a way to blow it in just about every postseason. I refuse to pick this team to win it all until they prove me wrong.

2024 will capture the attention of the baseball world. Los Angeles will maintain its perch atop the NL West. Ohtani will win MVP. When all is said and done, though, the Dodgers lose to a surging underdog in the postseason.

I am going to go out on a limb and predict the Cincinnati Reds to knock out the Dodgers in the NLDS. Why? Because it just feels right and is bound to happen yet again.

Another collapse in the early rounds of the postseason will cause everyone to re-think the Dave Roberts tenure. Oh, but he did win that short-season ring in a bubble.

Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56) lose in NLDS

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