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2024 NFL Mock Draft 1.1 – Zero Week

It’s finally here!!! After months of waiting and anticipation, “Zero Week” of the college football season is upon us. Do you know what this means? Besides football being back, it also means that we are one week closer to the 2024 NFL Draft. There’s still time before NFL Week 1, but it’s never too early to look into this year’s top prospects. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: The following draft order is based on each team’s odds to win this year’s Super Bowl. In a later edition, I’ll begin basing the order on each team’s record. 

1. Arizona Cardinals – Caleb Williams, QB, USC

Team Needs: WR, CB, DL

The Cardinals don’t need a new QB given that Kyler Murray has 5 years left on his contract, including this season, before there’s a potential out. However, if the Cardinals do get this year’s first overall pick, it means that something’s gone horribly wrong. This year alone, there’s been a lot of news surrounding quarterback Kyler Murray. Along with this, Arizona also has a new head coach in Jonathan Gannon. Although head coaches like to have “their guy” as their starting QB, there isn’t much reason to believe that Gannon’s faith in Murray is so little he’d go a different route. Still, let’s take a look at the USC product.

Regardless of who’s picking first, Caleb Williams is likely the number one overall pick. He’s accurate, athletic, smart, and has impeccable timing. He reads defenses quickly, can make just about every throw, has great pocket presence, and is very impressive at extending plays. When watching Williams, it’s not unreasonable to say he has a Mahomes-esque playstyle. There are some who believe that as the season plays out, North Carolina QB Drake Maye will catch up to him as Williams sometimes leaves the pocket too early. However, if this is the case, it would likely be not only because Maye got better, but also because Williams somehow regressed. 


Marvin Harrison Jr. - Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver - ESPN

Image: ESPN

2. Arizona Cardinals (via Houston) – Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

Team Needs: WR, CB, DL

Depending on who has the first overall selection, it isn’t too wild to believe that Marvin Harrison Jr. could be taken with that pick. In fact, in the instance that Murray actually plays well but the Cardinals still somehow get the first overall pick, I think Harrison is a shoo-in for the selection. Yet, here we are with Harrison being selected second overall. A pick acquired by the Cardinals trading back with the Houston Texans.

At Ohio State’s pro-day last year, Marvin Harrison Jr. participated as a non-draft eligible participant catching balls for CJ Stroud. After the pro day, one NFL scout described the event as “Like window shopping at a Lamborghini dealership for the model that doesn’t come out until next year.” For this year’s WR group, Harrison is the cat’s pajamas. He’s lengthy, strong, fast, explosive, has great hands, and the list goes on. His biggest matchups during the regular season will be versus Kalen King and Penn State and versus Will Johnson and Michigan. These matchups may be intriguing, but given Harrison’s abilities, we should still expect him to perform at a very high level. 


Olumuyiwa Fashanu - Football - Penn State Athletics

Image: Penn State Athletics

3. Indianapolis Colts – Olumiuyiwa Fashanu, LT, Penn. State

Team Needs: WR, OT, CB

Marvin Harrison Jr. would be Jim Irsay’s dream selection here. But with him being selected the pick before, they’ll have to settle for this draft’s best OT. Many believe that Notre Dame’s Joe Alt is OT1 of this year’s draft. Although competition is tight between the two, I believe that Fashanu is currently the better prospect. Alt may be strong, athletic, and possess elite flexibility for the position, but Fashanu appears to be smarter and have a better overall feel for the game. In the end, Fashanu is just about everything that Alt is but with better instincts. If this pick pans out, there won’t be much worrying about Anthony Richardson’s blind side for years to come. 


UNC Football: 247Sports ranks Drake Maye as top college QB

Image: Tar Heels Wire

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

Team Needs: QB, WR, S

Although Caleb Williams may be the current consensus QB1, some believe Drake Maye has the capability to overtake Williams for that distinction. He may not have the elusivity nor the accuracy Williams has, but he’s still athletic, strong, has great poise, and can still deliver a timely football. Where people will praise Maye is his poise in the pocket. Yet, his poise outside of the pocket is a facet of his game that is underrated. In my opinion, he needs to take more chances pushing the ball downfield while outside the pocket. However, he mustn’t do so recklessly. As I already stated, Maye is athletic. He’s capable of being precise, but he can’t mistake that opportunity for another could seize with his legs. There’s maturing for Maye to do, but not as much as what some might assume.  


Rome Odunze - Football - University of Washington Athletics

Image: University of Washington Athletics

5. Tennessee Titans – Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

Team Needs: WR, RB, DL

After Marvin Harrison Jr. the order for this year’s WR group jumbles together. Many believe his teammate Emeka Egbuka is WR2 but I think this distinction goes to Rome Odunze out of the University of Washington. He may not have as much experience against standout talents as others, but he has the makings of a really good receiver. Exploding off the line of scrimmage, Odunze quickly attacks DBs with his get-off and speed. From there, his elite start-stop ability allows him to separate from defenders. In the event he’s unable to do so, Odunze’s length boxes out defensive backs allowing for his strong hands to do the rest. With a lengthy and slender body, many want to see Odunze add muscle to his frame before they consider him a first-round player. A reasonable request, his film still shows a player who’s capable of being a threat to NFL defenses. 


Notre Dame's Joe Alt Listed As The No. 1 Offensive Tackle In College Football - Sports Illustrated Notre Dame Fighting Irish News, Analysis and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

6. Los Angeles Rams – Joe Alt, LT, Notre Dame

Team Needs: QB, CB, OT

The time has arrived. The Los Angeles Rams finally have their own first-round pick. So, what will they do with their first first-round pick in a while? I think it’d be smart if they went with Notre Dame LT Joe Alt. Ever since the retirement of future HoFer Andrew Whitworth, the Rams’ offensive line has been subpar. They started repairing the unit in the 2023 NFL Draft by drafting TCU’s Steve Avila, why not continue by taking whom many regard as the best OT in this year’s class? A freak athlete, Joe Alt is strong, agile, and has the flexibility of a premier offensive tackle. He’s smooth in his pass drops but is also explosive when attacking in the run game. There are times when he could be more instinctual, such as when picking up defenders on stunts. But this should come as he gains more experience and gets a better feel for the game.


JT Tuimoloau - 2023-24 - Football - Ohio State

Image: Ohio State Buckeyes

7. Chicago Bears (via Carolina) – JT Tuimoloau, Edge, Ohio State

Team Needs: WR, Edge, LT

This pick the Bears gained by trading the first overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers. The team could use a wideout, but after the splash they made in trading for DJ Moore, they can afford to take a receiver in a later round. Many say that Florida State’s Jared Verse is Edge1 in this year’s draft class. As great a talent as he is, I believe that Tuimoloau is the more complete player. Additionally, he’s already used to playing in the cold coming over from the BIG TEN. Used more as an edge rusher, Tuimoloau does have experience playing as far inside as the 3 technique as well as dropping back in coverage. During his rush, Tuimoloau explodes upfield where he engages tackles with active hands. Besides this, Tuimolaou possesses good bend and is agile enough to win in other ways than strength alone. Against the run, Tuimoloau does a good job engaging blockers to discard them as soon as possible. There are times when he can be a bit clunky in his movements, but besides this, he could be a game-changer for the Bears’ defensive front. 


JC Latham - Football - University of Alabama Athletics

Image: Alabama Athletics

8. Washington Commanders – JC Latham, RT, Alabama

Team Needs: OT, Edge, IOL

There are many who have the Commanders taking a QB here. It’s not a bad idea, but I think second-year man Sam Howell will surprise some folks this year. If that’s the case, it’d be wise for the team to bolster their offensive line. It’d be nice if the Commanders used the selection to protect their QB’s blindside, but with Alt and Fashanu off the board, Latham is the next-best offensive tackle available. Great in pass protection, Latham understands how, when, and where defenses might attack throughout different moments of the game. He’s fluid in his drop-back and is agile enough to mirror rushers. Moreso, he fires off the line where he straight-up moves people. It’s not a glamorous pick, but it’s a step in the right direction for a team under new ownership. 


Barrett Carter - Clemson Tigers linebacker - ESPN

Image: ESPN

9. Las Vegas Raiders – Barrett Carter, LB, Clemson 

Team Needs: QB, CB, LB

Just as there’s a clear frontrunner with this year’s wide receiver group, there’s also a clear favorite with this year’s linebacker group. There’s plenty to like with this year’s backers, but Clemson’s Barrett Carter takes home the cake. There’s not really anything to dislike about Carter. He has the size, listed by Clemson at 6’1” 230lbs, he’s fast, athletic, rangy, instinctual, strong, etc. In zone coverage, he reads QBs well and has a good understanding of over/under route combinations. In man coverage, he holds his own against tight ends. He’s patient, gets hands on, and uses his athleticism to stick with them throughout the rep. Carter can even rush off the edge making him a threat no matter where he’s lined up. The Raiders could go a different route and go QB, but I think they’re content with Garoppolo at the helm for the next few years. 


Xavier Worthy - Football - University of Texas Athletics

Image: University of Texas Athletics

10. Atlanta Falcons – Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

Team Needs: QB, Edge, CB

The Falcons are another team, like the Raiders and Commanders, that I believe are content with who they currently have under center. Although it’s tough to pass on Florida State’s Jared Verse in this situation, I believe they’ll keep building the offense after three years of drafting freakishly athletic offensive players. Over the past few drafts, slim wideouts have been gaining attention in Devonta Smith, Jordan Addison, Tank Dell, and now Xavier Worthy. In this year’s draft, Worthy also probably has the best start/stop ability. He’s explosive and gets to top speed very quickly. Worthy also has a very good understanding of DBs blind spots and combines this with his agility to get open. Listed at 6’1” 172lbs by Texas Football, many will criticize him for his size. However, he’s been good in college and should continue his success in the NFL. 


Iowa Football: Snapshot profile of Hawkeyes DB Cooper DeJean

Image: Hawkeyes Wire

11. New England Patriots – Cooper DeJean, CB, Iowa

Team Needs: WR, S, LB

The Patriots could go WR here with Emeka Egbuka still on the board, but I believe they’ll go the defensive route with Cooper DeJean still available. Looking back to their championship years, they always had a good offense. But, their defense was what was truly phenomenal. Kalen King may be the best CB in this year’s class, but I think in this instance, DeJean will go first given the Patriots already have Jonathan Jones and Christian Gonzalez on the outside. There’s talk of DeJean moving to safety in the NFL, which is fine because he’s athletic and smart enough to do so, and also has experience in the slot. The Patriots could draft a top safety with this pick, but I don’t think there’s a safety prospect this year that garners this high a selection. 


Kalen King - Football - Penn State Athletics

Image: Penn State Athletics

12. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kalen King, CB, Penn. State

Team Needs: CB, LB, DT

Many don’t expect Penn. State cornerback Kalen King to be on draft boards long come late April. Well, the buck stops here with King teaming back up with Joey Porter Jr. in Pittsburgh. The CB1 this year, King possesses good closing speed, attacks the ball in the air, and has good footwork making him a lockdown guy in man. He plays well in zone coverage too, especially with how quickly he explodes to attack the football and its intended target. There are plenty who don’t believe King will fall this far, but if he does, it could make for the most dominant CB duo in the AFC North. 


Jared Verse - Florida State Seminoles defensive lineman - ESPN

Image: ESPN

13. Chicago Bears – Jared Verse, Edge, Florida State

Team Needs: WR, Edge, LT

The Bears could use a WR or a LT, but when you have the opportunity to take the top two edge defenders of a draft class, it’s difficult to pass up that opportunity; especially when the top three receivers are already off the board. A product of Florida State, Jared Verse has a great get-off and excellent vertical speed. It’d be nice to see him be more flexible, but he has active hands and is light on his feet to win with a series of counter moves. Against the run, he does a good job at standing up blockers to clog wholes along the line of scrimmage. Obviously, draft night is unpredictable, but if the Bears get Edge1 and Edge2, they could have the best defense in the NFC North. 


Emeka Egbuka - Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver - ESPN

Image: ESPN

14. New York Giants – Emeka Egbuka, WR, Ohio State

Team Needs: DL, LB, WR

Many have Egbuka as WR2 of this year’s class. Although I have him at WR4, he’s still a great talent. Smart is one of the better words to describe Egbuka’s game. He understands defenses, understands the tendencies of opposing defensive backs, and uses this information to find open grass. Aside from this, he does a great job tracking the ball in the air and is sure to look the ball in every rep. Additionally, Egbuka has very strong hands. On the occasion by which he has difficulty getting open, he’s still an option given how reliable he is catching the football. This season, he’ll be primarily known as Marvin Harrison Jr.’s sidekick. But this unfortunately doesn’t do justice to how good a player Egbuka truly is. 


Auburn cornerback DJ James names his three favorite chicken restaurants - Sports Illustrated Auburn Tigers News, Analysis and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

15. Green Bay Packers – DJ James, CB, Auburn

Team Needs: CB, WR, OT

The hype at the cornerback position this year may be surrounding Kalen King and Cooper DeJean, but don’t forget about the rest. This year’s CB class is fairly deep with plenty of diamonds to be found. Unfortunately for Auburn’s DJ James, he could be one of those guys lost in the talent at the position. He’s lengthy, has great footwork, attacks the football, and is a solid tackler. In man, he does a great job mirroring his receiver before reading their body to find and attack the football. In zone, he trusts his eyes roaming until the time has come for him to strike. When it comes to zone coverage and run support, he’s a reliable tackler as he wraps up well and explodes into contact. At this pick, there are many avenues the Packers could venture down, but selecting James could give them a formidable CB duo to terrorize the NFC North for years. 


Josh Newton - Football - TCU Athletics

Image: TCU Athletics

16. Denver Broncos – Josh Newton, CB, TCU

Team Needs: DL, Edge, CB

Wars may be won in the trenches, but when you have players in the division such as Keenan Allen, Travis Kelce, and Devante Adams, you need to be able to cover. The Broncos already have a fine pash rush but they need a CB to pair with Patrick Surtain. Insert Josh Newton, you get someone who has inside-outside versatility. The past few years with TreVius Hodges-Tomlinson, and now Josh Newton, there’s something about TCU defensive backs knowing how to attack the football. Besides this, what’s arguably most impressive about him is his ability to stay in phase without garnering a penalty. If drafted by the Broncos, he may not stay on the outside, but his abilities would give them the opportunity to potentially lock down the AFC West’s great receivers from the inside. 


Countdown to Canes Football: No. 9 Leonard Taylor III - All Hurricanes on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

17. Minnesota Vikings – Leonard Taylor III, IDL, Miami

Team Needs: Edge, CB, IDL

Wait, the first interior defensive lineman off the board isn’t Jer’Zhan Newton? He’s a great player, but I give the edge to Taylor. Newton is easily one of the most athletically gifted players in this year’s draft. However, even athleticism only gets you so far in football’s toughest league. He may not be as athletic as Newton, but Taylor is big, strong, has a good get-off, and is smart. When pass rushing, he has a good bull rush, but can also stay skinny to slip in between the interior gaps of an OLine. Even when he doesn’t get home on his rush, Taylor still remains active by getting his hands up to plug up passing lanes. Against the run, Taylor does a good job standing up linemen to create a wall. He has the strength to shed blockers but is also strong enough to make one-armed tackles should the opportunity arise. 


Brock Bowers - 2023 - Football - University of Georgia Athletics

Image: Georgia Athletics

18. New Orleans Saints – Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Team Needs: Edge, WR, TE

It isn’t often that a TE is regarded as one of the best players in a draft class. Yet, here we are with Georgia TE Brock Bowers. He has great long speed for a TE, has good start-stop ability, and has excellent hands. Against linebackers, he’s a mismatch; against safeties, he’s a mismatch; and against nickels, he’s still a mismatch. The part of his game that’s probably most underrated is his ability to be an in-line blocker. Although it’s underrated, it’s still an excellent facet of his game. He’s big, strong, and can move bodies. He drives back edge defenders and does an excellent job working to the second level to wash down linebackers. A player who’ll most likely rise draft boards as the season plays out, this would be a steal for the Saints. 


Jer'Zhan Newton - 2023 - Football - University of Illinois Athletics

Image: Illinois Athletics

19. Houston Texans (via Cleveland) – Jer’Zhan Newton, IDL, Illinois

Team Needs: RT, DL, CB, WR

A rebuilding team, Houston gained their lone first-round pick this year from the Cleveland Browns via the Deshaun Watson trade. With a defensive-minded HC at the helm, look for the Texans to continue building their defense. In this mock draft, Illinois IDL Jer’Zhan Newton is the best defensive player still on the board. The definition of raw talent, Newton is insanely athletic and has the strength to dominate NFL IOL from day one. Many have Newton as IDL1, but I give that distinction to Miami’s Leonard Taylor III due to Newton’s lack of football knowledge. He needs to be smarter about what teams may be trying to do in certain situations and have the awareness of what to do next. Because of this deficiency, Newton sometimes finds himself in unfavorable situations. 


Dallas Turner - Football - University of Alabama Athletics

Image: Alabama Athletics

20. Seattle Seahawks – Dallas Turner, OLB, Alabama

Team Needs: Edge, LB, IDL

The Seahawks exploded onto the scene last year thanks to excellent QB play from Geno Smith and their young DBs. With Alton Robinson expected to be healthy next year, the Seahawks could still benefit from better play at the Edge and LB positions. So, why not give them someone who can play both? Dallas Turner may not be a true LB, but he plays well in coverage. He may not be a true edge rusher, but he rushes the passer with speed and ferocity. Currently, Turner’s raw. He has the athleticism and the will to succeed, but he needs to be harnessed and fine-tuned if he’s going to reach his full potential. 


After learning the ropes, it's Taz Nicholson's turn to lead Illinois secondary

Image: The Pantagraph

21. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tahveon Nicholson, CB, Illinois

Team Needs: Edge, IDL, CB

Nicholson is one of the cornerbacks who’s been lost in the weeds for the past few years. Last year, he was shadowed by top-10 pick Devon Witherspoon and this year he’ll be overshadowed by Penn. State’s Kalen King. Still, Nicholson is one of the best corners this year. He’s solid in zone coverage but is less noticeable in man-to-man. This may not sound like a compliment, but, for a cornerback, it is. When a cornerback isn’t noticed, it means they aren’t making any mistakes; meaning that they’re playing well. In man coverage, Nicholson displays excellent footwork allowing him to mirror receivers off the line of scrimmage, through their break, and at the catch point. He stays in phase as WRs try to work down the field on deeper routes where he gets his eyes up to make a play on the football. The Jaguars are a young and exciting team that could solidify their hold on the AFC South by selecting Nicholson in this year’s draft. 


Buckeyes' Donovan Jackson Assumes Leadership Role Among O-Line Battles - Sports Illustrated Ohio State Buckeyes News, Analysis and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

22. Miami Dolphins – Donovan Jackson, OG, Ohio State

Team Needs: TE, LB, IOL

It only took 22 picks, but the first IOL has finally come off the board. When it comes to the Dolphins, TE is probably a more pressing need. However, if the plan truly is to invest in Tua, you need to do one of two things: protect him or bolster the run game. After last year’s injuries surrounding Tagovailoa, many thought he wouldn’t be playing football again. Yet, here we are a year later. Furthermore, the Dolphins have been a team that’s suffered from a lack of consistency at the RB position. They have a good group of guys this year, but no one who truly stands out. If they’re going to play like this, you better have a good offensive front to create holes. When it comes to Donovan Jackson, he can do both; protect Tua and dominate in the run game. At Ohio State, many think of them as a dominant passing offense, and rightfully so. They have great WRs and a great line to give their QB time. In pass protection, Jackson does a good job mirroring rushers and anchoring down once he gets a hold of them. However, part of why Ohio State’s passing game is so good is partly due to how good their run game is. Aside from being able to protect their QB, the Buckeye OL has consistently been able to impose their will on DLines thanks to their size and strength. This is the case for Jackson. He’s strong, big, athletic, and exactly the draft prospect the Dolphins need to take their offense to another level. 


Georgia's Jamon-Dumas Johnson ranked No. 4 among returning LBs

Image: UGA Wire

23. Los Angeles Chargers – Jamon Dumas-Johnson, LB, Georgia

Team Needs: LB, TE, Edge

The Chargers could go a number of ways with this pick. They aren’t expected to retain Keenan Allen so they could go receiver. Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack are also getting older so they could go edge. But fans have been complaining about Kenneth Murray for years so I have them taking the second-best LB in this year’s draft. After all, what are they going to do, keep signing veterans to one-year deals? 

Jamon Dumas-Johnson is an electric player. In zone, he reads quarterbacks well but also balances it out by playing with plenty of football instinct. Where he stands out most, however, is his downhill play. When he breaks, he explodes out of it hard and fast. This serves him well when blitzing as some o-linemen have difficulty anchoring down with his 6’1” 245lb frame coming at them. The Chargers drafted Daiyan Henley this past year and he’s looked great so far this preseason. Henley and Dumas-Johnson could be a formidable duo with Henley’s range and Johnson’s ferocity. 


Ohio State football's Jack Sawyer needs to play 'reckless,' but one thing holds him back -


24. Detroit Lions – Jack Sawyer, Edge, Ohio State

Team Needs: Edge, CB, WR

Dan Campbell is a dawg of a head coach. He likes players who are willing to get down and dirty; those who show grit and competitiveness. Since this is the case, what better player to pick than a defensive lineman? The Lions could use a corner, but with many of the top corners off the board, I think they’ll take this opportunity to scoop an edge rusher. However, Jack Sawyer isn’t just any defensive end as he has plenty of experience dropping in coverage. He’s great in pursuit, taking good angles to the football, and makes his presence felt when he gets there. He’ll be shadowed by teammate JT Tuimoloau throughout the draft process, but this doesn’t mean he should be forgotten about. 


Ohio State star RB TreVeyon Henderson to miss College Football Playoff, undergo surgery for foot injury -

Image: CBS Sports

25. Baltimore Ravens – TreVeyon Henderson, RB, Ohio State

Team Needs: CB, IDL, RB

The Ravens’ defense could use some help up front and on the backend, but in order for their offense to work they need to have a good run game to complement Lamar Jackson. JK Dobbins has been good but extremely unreliable given how often he’s injured. With Dobbins set to be a free agent next season, I think it’d be smart for the Ravens to replace him with another Buckeye. TreyVeyon Henderson is clearly the best back in this year’s class. He’s a bowling ball thanks to his size, but has the speed to break away for large gains. He catches well out of the backfield and is willing to sacrifice his body to protect his quarterback. He could improve as a pass catcher, but this isn’t what the Ravens would need him to do. In Baltimore’s backfield, his job would be simple; to run the ball. This year I think Keaton Mitchell will climb the totem pole from UDFA to backup RB. If the Ravens were to draft Henderson, I think Mitchell would remain the backup, but it’d make for a great one-two punch. 


Kamren Kinchens, Miami, Safety

Image: 247Sports

26. Green Bay Packers (via NY Jets) – Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami

Team Needs: CB, WR, OT

David Bakhtiari isn’t getting any younger but it’d be disrespectful for the Packers to move on from him so willingly when he’s still playing at a high level. They could go WR, but I think they’d be content with taking a wideout in one of the middle rounds. With them taking a CB in with their first first-round pick, I think they’ll use their pick from the Aaron Rodgers trade to continue to beef up their secondary. Kinchens is easily the best safety this year. He plays all over, which would allow Darnell Savage to remain the starting FS. He’s very physical, making him a great player to bring in the box, and reads and anticipates QBs very well, making him a dangerous rover. Additionally, he blitzes very well as he’s nimble yet strong enough to get around or through blocks. 


Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State, Offensive Line

Image: 247Sports

27. Dallas Cowboys – Taliese Fuaga, RT, Oregon State

Team Needs: RB, OT, S

The Beavers haven’t had a player selected in the first round since Brandin Cooks back in 2014. That streak could end this year with RT Taliese Fuaga. In the first round, selecting an OL is one of the least sexy things you could do. Yet, when you look back to the great Cowboy teams of recent memory, they had phenomenal offensive lines. Last year the Eagles overtook the division and don’t like they’ll be relinquishing it any time soon. If the Cowboys wish to remain competitive, their offense must remain on point. With Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs, and others, the defense is going to do its thing. But in order for their offense to get back to prominence, they’ll need good offensive line play. Listed by ESPN at 6’6” 334 lbs, Fuaga is a massive human being. Still, his power shouldn’t overshadow his athleticism. He might be strong, but he glides dropping back in pass pro. 


Iowa State Cyclones Defensive Players To Watch vs. Texas Longhorns - Sports Illustrated Texas Longhorns News, Analysis and More

Image: Sports Illustrated

28. Cincinnati Bengals – TJ Tampa, CB, Iowa State

Team Needs: S, CB, RB

The Bengals could go safety, but I think Jordan Battle and Tycen Anderson will make enough strides to force the Bengals to go a different route. They could go RB, but I think they’d be willing to either bet on striking gold in a later round or draft a RB high in a different year. Insert Iowa State’s TJ Tampa who would be replacing veteran Chidobe Awuzie opposite of Cam Taylor-Britt. Tampa is lengthy at 6’2” and combines his speed and solid footwork to mirror receivers in man coverage. Moreso, he’s a solid tackler who isn’t afraid to get his nose a bit dirty. Make TJ Tampa a Bengal through the draft and Lou Anarumo’s defensive unit becomes that much better. 


Kingsley Suamataia, Brigham Young, Offensive Tackle

Image: 247Sports

29. San Francisco 49ers – Kingsley Suamataia, RT, BYU

Team Needs: Edge, RT, WR

Another massive OT listed at 6’6” and 325lbs, Suamataia is another prospect whose size may distract viewers from his overall athleticism. A bulldozer in the run game, Suamataia is an easy mover in open space as he walls off defenders on reach blocks. Likewise, he’s also an easy mover in pass protection as he fluidly mirrors rushers and strikes them with a strong and accurate punch. This season, it’d be nice to see him get more timely when striking oncoming rushers, but besides this, he could be another massive OT we see being a lead blocker in Kyle Shanahan’s offense by the end of next draft. 


PFF says Oregon's Bucky Irving was a Top 10 running back in 2022

Image: Ducks Wire – USA Today

30. Buffalo Bills – Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon

Team Needs: RB, LB, IDL

For years football fans have been asking the Bills to take pressure off Josh Allen by giving him RB help. Well football fans, I have answered your prayers. James Cook is a young back expected to break out with a larger role this year, but giving them another back could balance things out for the long run with Damien Harris and Latavius Murray only on one-year deals. A product of the University of Oregon, Bucky Irving breaks some of the most tackles in college football. He has good size listed at 5’10” and 195lbs, but it’s his continuous leg drive and good balance that’ll leave defenders with their faces in the dirt. Aside from this, he’s serviceable out of the backfield, having run plenty of routes from the backfield and the slot, and is a great blocker who squares up each block as he walls off oncoming rushers. If Irving becomes a Bill in the upcoming draft, I’d predict him to be the starting RB making for an excellent one-two punch with Cook. 


Trey Benson, Florida State, Running Back

Image: 247Sports

31. Philadelphia Eagles – Trey Benson, RB, Florida State

Team Needs: WR, RB, LB

Looking at the Eagle’s roster, it’s difficult to see where they could get better. But with Rashaad Penny and D’Andre Swift set to hit free agency after this season, it’s not a bad idea for them to draft a RB. Trey Benson started his career at the University of Oregon before moving to Tallahassee. Like Irving, Benson is a tackle-breaking machine. In fact, Benson has more broken tackles than Irving. In the backfield, Benson is also serviceable as a blocker, but he shouldn’t be relied upon to do so consistently. The passing game is where Benson struggles the most. He can catch screens and is fine as a check-down guy, but isn’t one who you’d call a three-down back. Still, with how much the Eagles run Jalen Hurts, it’d be smart to have a RB who’s reliable in between the tackles


Hot Take Tuesday: Arizona Wildcats Have a Top 20 Player in the 2023 NFL Draft - Visit NFL Draft on Sports Illustrated, the latest news coverage, with rankings for NFL Draft prospects,

Image: Sports Illustrated

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Jordan Morgan, LT, Arizona

Team Needs: OT, S, WR

Over the years of the Chiefs’ success, people have been so enamored by their offensive firepower that they forget how stellar their line is. The Chiefs hit the nail on the head by drafting Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey, and have won the past few free agency cycles by signing Jawaan Taylor and Joe Thuney. Yet, arguably the most important OL position remains to be a question mark. Donovan Smith is currently on a one-year deal and I expect the Chiefs to address this issue long-term with Jordan Morgan. Morgan hasn’t gotten a lot of recognition being in the Pac-12 but he’s legit. At 6’6” and 320lbs, Morgan has the size of a premier OT. He’s strong, mirrors rushers well, and is an overall smart player who knows how to win using not only strength but with leverage and positioning. Let Morgan fall to the Chiefs in this year’s draft, and it’s going to be difficult for defenses to stop this offense if they can’t even get a hand on Mahomes.



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